Alerts Trader for TradingView

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Trigger Buy & Sell Orders by your trading account API using Tradingview’s Alerts. Setup Alerts on chart tools & strategy indicators. 使用Tradingview的警报通过交易帐户API触发买卖订单。在图表工具和策略指示器上设置警报。

Spreed – speed read the web

Train yourself to double or triple your reading speed, without sacrificing comprehension. Absorb knowledge, faster. 训练你自己在不牺牲理解力的情况下,将阅读速度提高一倍或三倍。吸收知识,更快。


One-click stylesheet replacement for hard-to-read websites. This plugin strives to improve website readability by replacing user… 一键式样式表替换难以阅读的网站。这个插件试图通过替换用户来提高网站的可读性…


The revolutionary tool for accessible reading. 无障碍阅读的革命性工具。.. Oswald is the revolutionary tool for acce...

Zorg Empire

Become a space emperor, create a mighty empire with huge fleets of warships and conquer the universe! 成为太空皇帝,用庞大的军舰舰队打造一个强大的帝国,征服宇宙!

Quick Gradesource

Quickly view your grades for any of your classes that are on Gradesource. Click the icon to quickly add/view your overall %, mean %… 快速查看成绩来源中任何课程的成绩。单击图标快速添加/查看您的总体百分比,平均百分比…


Shows a new Inspiring and Motivational quotes on every New Tab. 在每个新标签上显示一个新的鼓舞人心和激励性的引语。


A theme for dog-lovers. :D (Thanks to Amanda for the drawing!) 爱狗人士的主题。:D(感谢阿曼达的画作!)

Drive Anywhere

One click unlocks a faster, more convenient dashboard for your Google Drive files with this free browser extension! 一键打开一个更快,更方便的仪表板为您的谷歌驱动器文件与此免费浏览器扩展!


玩足球游戏。控制你的橄榄球队和得分打击对手的门柱。赢的比赛。.. The name football comes from both words "foot" and "ball". It's named ...

Great collection of emoticons and stickers that you can use in Facebook status, comments and chat. Great collection of emoticons and stickers that you can use in Facebook status, comments and chat.

MindManager Viewer

The MindManager Viewer for for Google Drive™ allows you to view MindManager files stored in Google Drive right in your browser. MindManager Viewer for Google Drive™允许您在浏览器中查看存储在Google Drive中的MindManager文件。


Hitman 47 Theme For Chrome - This Theme Is Free To Download & Comes With Free Lifetime Updates... •CHROME THEMES ->-… Hitman 47的Chrome主题-这个主题是免费下载和免费终身更新。。。•CHROME主题->-…


MagicLinks: Your Favorite Tool to Create Money Making, Ready-to-Shop Product Links to Share Across Your Social Platforms. MagicLinks:你最喜欢的赚钱工具,即买即用的产品链接,可以在你的社交平台上分享。

Hudl Multi Screen

Allows to open a synchronized external video player for easier data entry when using multiple screens. 允许打开同步的外部视频播放器,以便在使用多个屏幕时更轻松地输入数据。


Browser Tab Management Extension 浏览器选项卡管理扩展.. Update Version 1.2: Now pressing save all opens a new NAK...

Doctor Who HD Wallpapers New Tab

This new extension offers great images with every new tab and was made for all fans of Doctor Who Wallpapers. 这个新的扩展提供了伟大的图像与每一个新的标签,是为所有的医生谁墙纸的球迷。


Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks recursively, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc. 清理你的书签!递归排序书签、删除重复项、合并文件夹、自动排序等。


快速,轻松地计算出你的饮食计划,你的体重指数和卡路里摄入量的目标,同时计划你的减肥目标。.. 打算开始一个新的饮食和进入形状? 饮食中最重要的部分一直是从一开始就设定明确的目标,所以你知道你上了轨道,达到...

Sports Hero

With Sports Hero you can keep up to date with the latest in sports right from your New Tab page! 有了体育英雄,你可以随时更新最新的体育权利从你的新标签页!