dict-cc 简介 ———

Displays a pretty translation tooltip beneath a marked word of a page.

The translations originate from the nicely online dictionary dict.cc

Innovations release 1.6.89:
– Bugfix, text field selection
– Bugfix, tooltip position

Innovations release 1.6.88:
– The tooltip is now created new each time and will be removed
afterwards (This should fix the bug in outlook web access).
– There’s a new option in the settings to invoke the tooltip from
the context menu.

Innovations release 1.6.87:
– Fixed some indication errors.
– New functions (adjustable in the options):
– Tooltip position always in the window center
– Selection only via double click (+ poss. Hotkeys)

Innovations release 1.6.86:
– Fixed some issues with CSS.

Innovations release 1.6.85:
– You can now increase the font size by clicking on the icon in the tooltip.
– There’s an option in the settings to open all links in a new tab.

Innovations release 1.6.84:
– Fixed a problem with embedded css files in the current “Dev channel release”.

Innovations release 1.6.83:
– Added 3 additional languages (Greek, Serbian and Finnish).
– You can now disable the search in text field feature in the options tab.

Innovations release 1.6.82:
– If the tooltip would exceed the right border, it will be built leftward.
– Selections in a textfield will be translated now.

Innovations release 1.6.81:
– Enable/ disable function of the extension is now saved and will be restored
on browser restart.

Innovations release 1.6.8:
– Added an options entry to enable or disable the context menu search.

dict-cc 类似扩展 +

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Tidy Sidebar

This extension helps you to lookup anything in Wikipedia , Dict.cc or Arch Linux Wiki without interrupting your browsing experience.


This extension stores opened tabs to reopen after browser restart.


add a context-menu for dict.cc

dict.cc context menu
dict.cc context menu

Select a word on a website and immediately look up its translation. No tabs, no windows. Guranteed!

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Leo Dictionary Widget

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Search Wikipedia in every language from the address bar and context menu.

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Amazon Order History Reporter

Read websites in the language you're learning, translate words you don't know, and we'll create flashcards to help you remember.

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個人用いくつかのサイトのヘルパーツール。 主な機能: * 「小説家になろう」サイト(syosetu.com)の小説全文TXT一括ダウンロード * 「pixiv」サイトの小説全文TXT一括ダウンロード * ほか

Sora Helper
Sora Helper

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ChangXin Liu

can’t translate in chinese(没有中文翻译)

Isobel Pierce

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