Star Atlas


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Paul Neave

It does! See here: https://staratlas.com/#view=33.53,0.66,45.2/geo=34.02,-118.31/date=2019-08-13,04:00:00

Martin Zitter

Why doesn’t it have Polaris and the dippers?

Paul Neave

App has been updated, it no longer uses Flash.

Arkadiusz P


Rod Kennedy

Okay for finding the positions of the constellations, but I don’t need a computer for that in the field…a Planesphere is an easier tool to use.

Elias del Corro


Infinite Possibilities

very good app

Aaradhya Vaze

Has a beautiful interface. Easy, fast and useful!

murat tari




Adrienn József

There is (now?) a location feature. The very first thing the software asks from you is to set your current location. 🙂

Stanley Williams

My only issue was trying to pinpoint my location. You have to “guesstimate” your location. It is ,otherwise a great app, especially for beginning stargazers!

Jonathan Brier

While it was a nice web based app for exploring the planets it is flash based. It needs an overhaul to not require a plugin to view and interact.

Aleksandar Terzic

stari dobri planetarijum sta se desilo sa virtualnim posetama muzeja i itd

Amanda Nsanzimana

C’est une application remarquable et passionnante. Ce qui manque et est à ajouter, c’est l’outil plus précis de géolocalisation (avec liste de chaque ville du monde ) pour cette application. Je ne sais pas si, pour cette raison, il est possible de lier Google Maps à Planetarium. Merci et bonne continuation.

Merie Christine Bertalmio de Sellanes



proste i uzyteczne, choć nie pogardziłabym kilkoma funkcjami wiecej

Alma Ramos

There is no valuable information

Шура Осечкин

есть более информативные приложения.

Sarah Crow

I hope there will be an update that lets us look at the planets/stars closely.

Shelton Richardson

I love this app!!! One of the best star maps you’ll find on Google Chrome Web Store! Good Quality and good data!


bello, anzi ottimo per coloro che, da curiosi neofiti del cielo finalmente odono il richiamo che dentro noi eccheggia,e proviene da lassu’, bellissima prateria infinita in blu, declinazioni posizioni e nomi dei suoi /nostri abitanti, astri pianeti e gruppi di stelle che alimentano e segnano la strada da sempre a viandanti, marinai e sognatori non avranno piu’ segreti x te con quest’app!..thanx a lot to neave x this present, consiglio a tutti de fasse ‘n’ trombone se adulti, oscurare l’ambiente, cuffie high vol, e play pulse from pink floyd.. a great combination i can’+t not repeat when i’m sad or got to decide hard stuffs!peace to all humans !

Katherine Norkus

I like it, but some constellations are missing.

Liberty Ncognito

UPDATE: I removed two stars from my original rating because this app used to be available offline and now it is not. ORIGINAL REVIEW: The best planetarium app ever, I absolutely love it! An ecliptic line and and azimuth marker would be VERY nice, it would also be helpful to be able to pinpoint position better. But….it is also incredibly easy to use and perfect for a beginner or for helping a kid start to learn about the skies. More advanced star gazers might be bored with it but beginners will love it. It does exactly what it says it does and takes about a minute if that to figure it out.

Sir Fogg

Muito legal mesmo, aprovado e ratificado.


j’adore, je suis une grande fan de tout ce qui touche les étoiles et constellations depuis toute petite, logiciel vraiment génial <3