Fuskr 简介

Create a gallery of images based on one image that contains a number by incrementing and decrementing the images.

For example, if you were at example.com/images/08.jpg, then you could click the icon in the omnibar which would allow you to create a ready-made gallery of all the images found!

=== How to use ===

1: On your desired image, right click and choose ‘Fusk’
2: Choose which direction:
● ‘+/-‘ will return a gallery with images that come before and after it.
● ‘+’ will return a gallery with images that only come after it.
● ‘-‘ will return a gallery with images that only come before it.
3: Now choose how large you want your gallery to be – 10/20/50/100/200/500 or ‘Other’ (you choose!).
4: Your gallery will appear in the tab next to your current one. If an image isn’t returned (404 or some other error), it will be hidden from view, but you can toggle that too!

=== Why ‘Fusk’? ===

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusker – Fusker is a type of website or utility that extracts images from a web page, typically from free hosted galleries. Fusker software allows users to identify a sequence of images with a single pattern, for example: https://www.example.com/images/pic[1-16].jpg.

=== Version History ===

● 4.0.84 –
● Resolve issues with incognito not working.
● 4.0.75 –
● Omnibox and history should now be working correctly again.
● 4.0.61 –
● Fix issues with the context menus not working correctly in Chrome. Firefox was unaffected but the solution is cross-browser compatible.
● 4.0.20 –
● Create dark mode option.
● Tidy up code and improve some speed issues, specifically around context menu creation.
● New version numbering. Minor version is incremented and we also include a longer version name indicating the build date/time.
● 3.2 –
● More excellent work by Jonathon Bolster!
● Download images as a zip file and retain the structure if it’s a nested fusk!
● Options page change to support Chrome’s preferred options layout.
● Improvements to the way many urls are handled.
● 3.1 –
● Fixed an issue with the fusk option not showing on links.
● 3.0 –
● Application templating rewritten using AngularJS.
● 2.7 –
● Fixed an annoying bug where Fuskr wouldn’t work on some links that didn’t have numbers, and wouldn’t revert to the image url.
● Reduced the permissions level greatly. Previously, Fuskr required that you give us access to all websites and all browsing activity, but we only care about your current tab. Google Chrome now has that ability, so we’ve reduced the permissions needed accordingly!
● 2.6 –
● You can now download images directly from the gallery page!
● You can now view the page in a slideshow!
● Beginning to internationalize (l18n). If you want to help, let us know!
● Updated to jQuery and jQuery UI.
● 2.5 – Updated to jQuery v2.1.3 and jQuery UI 1.11.2.
● 2.4 – Updated to jQuery v2 and jQuery UI 1.10.3.
● Minor styling changes to the image gallery page.
● 2.3 – Fixed some template issues and added more information and credits to the options page.
● 2.2 – Added the ability to create a fusk by typing ‘fuskr’ in the omnibox, followed by your fusk url!
● 2.1 – Updated Fuskr with new icon/image goodness kindly provided by Richard Stelmach of Creative Binge!
● 2.0 – ● Alphabetical fusking is now possible! You can now do fusks such as https://example.com/path/file/[a-z].jpg or even https://domain.com/path/file/[a-z]and[c-g]and[j-m].jpg!
● Changes to the options page to make it much cleaner.
● 1.9.1 – ● Some changes to the application in order to take into account recent security update to Google Chrome which will be enforced shortly.
● 1.9 – ● Fix for Macs with case-sensitive file systems. Kudos to Jonathan Bolster.
● 1.8 – ● Change of name to Fuskr.
● Jonathon Bolster has put a lot of work into making Fuskr modular, and there are now a few unit tests around to make sure everything’s hunky dory!
● Fixed some issues with previous/next functionality not working when there are images missing. It also scrolls smoothly as well.
● 1.7 – ● Added linkage below images.
● 1.6 – ● A few bug fixes. Incognito works properly now, but only in v9 as there are some Chrome bugs outstanding.
● 1.5 – ● Fixing a bug with the ‘+’ icon showing up unnecessarily.
● Galleries created in incognito mode are no longer stored.
● Added the ability to scale images to the current window size.
● Added some information about the current gallery (number of images and broken images).
● 1.4 – ● Clicking a created image will jump the user to the next one. Manual fusks are a little more difficult so maybe that’s one for later…
● Added an options page! Currently the only two options are below.
● Added recent fusks history. This allows you to keep track of and, if desired, go back to a previous one that you may have closed. This feature will only store 10 at maximum, can be disabled completely, or the history can be wiped.
● Added an option for opening a gallery in the foreground.
● 1.3 – ● Fixed a bug where having a nested gallery meant that the images were returned in the wrong order. – Kudos Jonathon!
● Fixed an issue where the option appears, even when the image is not ‘fusk-able’ – Kudos Jonathon!
● Fixed an issue where choosing a manual gallery and not entering a url would still try to create a new tab. Kudos Jonathon!
● Provided an ‘option’ for having the new gallery show on creation, or open in the background (default is open in the foreground).
● 1.2 – ● Fixed a bug where the horizontal scrollbar was not visible for galleries where the images were bigger than the page.
● Added the ability to use create a gallery based on a thumbnail, which will go to the linked image instead.
● 1.1 – About 5 minutes after I released 1.0, I realised that Chrome had finally allowed extensions to create context menus, so I ripped my application apart and rebuilt it in thirty minutes to use the context menus.
● 1.0 – Initial release.

=== What’s next? (To Do) ===

Hmmm… History? Options? Who knows. You tell me! I’ve got some issues here:
● The image name in the context menu like Firefusk does. Currently this is not possible in Chrome and is raised as an issue in Chromium bugs – https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=60758

=== Feedback ===

Feedback? Gripes? Want to tell me about your last holiday? You can find me on Twitter – https://twitter.com/danbo. You can also submit support tickets to the Fuskr project on Google Code – https://github.com/DanAtkinson/Fuskr/issues

Fuskr 中文简介







===Version History=====

●大大降低了权限级别。以前,Fuskr要求您允许我们访问所有网站和所有浏览活动,但我们只关心您当前的标签。Google Chrome现在有了这个功能,所以我们相应地减少了所需的权限!
●更新到jQuery和jQuery UI。
●2.5-更新到jQuery v2.1.3和jQuery UI 1.11.2。
●2.4-更新到jQuery v2和jQuery UI 1.10.3。
●2.2-添加了创建fusk的功能,在omnibox中键入’fuskr’,后跟fusk url!
●2.1-由Richard Stelmach提供的全新图标/图像质量的更新Fuskr创意狂欢!
●1.9-●修复带有区分大小写文件系统的Mac。Jonathan Soulk的功劳。
●Jonathon Soulk在Fuskr模块化方面做了大量工作,现在有一些单元测试来确保所有的东西都很好用!
1.5 – *修正了一个错误与“+”图标出现不必要。有关当前库的信息(图像数和断开的图像)。


●上下文菜单中的图像名称与Firefusk一样。目前,这在Chrome中是不可能的,并且是Chrome bug中的一个问题-https://code.google.com/p/Chrome/issues/detail?id=60758



Fuskr 类似扩展

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Gallerify – Powerful Image Downloader
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Chrome图片下载工具5合1 = 批量取图 + 拼图 + 截图 + 画图 + 美图,支持以图搜图(右击图片)。极客必备!by zzllrr


Decorate your scrollbars. 装饰你的滚动条。


Integrates Bulk Image Downloader (a Windows only app that must be installed separately) with Chrome 将批量图像下载程序(一个仅限Windows的应用程序,必须单独安装)与Chrome集成

Bulk Image Downloader
Bulk Image Downloader

Minimal but Useful Scrollbars 最小但有用的滚动条

Minimal Scrollbar
Minimal Scrollbar

chrome extension named image picker version


Discard all inactive tabs (except pinned) at startup or by clicking an icon

Lazy Tabs
Lazy Tabs

Transforms any page with links to images in a gallery with thumbnails and lightbox viewer. Added Links Generator. 使用缩略图和lightbox查看器将任何带有指向库中图像的链接的页面转换为。添加链接生成器。

IMG inspector
IMG inspector

Increment [+] a URL or go to the Next [>] Page; Supports Auto- and Download-Incrementing 增加一个URL或转到下一个页面;支持自动和下载增量

URL Incrementer
URL Incrementer

Search wiki of the repository on GitHub 在GitHub上搜索存储库的wiki

Wiki Search for GitHub
Wiki Search for GitHub

Fuskr 下载

Google官网 本地下载



It’s exactly like pilfer used to be! it even has the added benefit of save to zip, thanks for making this, it’s really useful for archiving various things.

Dan Atkinson

Bulk saving (as a zip) was implemented a couple of years ago. I hope that’s helpful. Thanks.

Dan Atkinson

I should also add that this extension is also available for Firefox now.

Glen Kabis


Dan Atkinson

@Jeff Orr: Bulk saving is not possible in Chrome. The API only allows for single files at a time, which was added in 2.6!

Dan Atkinson


Matt Burnham


Jeff Orr

Works great! Bulk saving the images would be nice as previously suggested. (Chrome Version 42.0.2311.135 m)

Ni Ndogo

Works ok

Carlos Faught

works nicely but it would be nice if you could bulk save the images to your drive.

Fulgencio Montilla

Estupendo para recopilar todas las fotos de una galería

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