GlaxoTab – Customizable New Tab Page

GlaxoTab – Customizable New Tab Page

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GlaxoTab 简介 ———

The Only New Tab Extension You Will Ever Need.

GlaxoTab gives you a simple, effective and feature-rich new tab page which helps you do more.

With multiple types of widgets, you can customize your new tab as you like. This new tab extension replaces the ordinary new tab page of your browser and gives you a powerful and productive new tab page.
You can setup your new tab with multiple widgets like weather, text-pad, clock, RSS feeds, remote apps and custom widgets.

GlaxoTab features a fully customizable Home screen, Quick Links, Todo Lists, Chrome Apps, Remotely Loaded Custom Apps and many more.

Links can be saved in groups or as single link. You can also launch a group of links at once.

Todo Lists ensure that you are always up-to-date with your tasks. You can add multiple lists to organize tasks in groups.

Remote Apps can be added in the sidebar. You can add any web-app through its link / URL and it will be loaded in the same new tab page so you can use all your apps at one place.

GlaxoTab also gives you the functionality to disable any functionality that you don’t want to use.
You can also export and import data and control how the whole extension works.

This extension has been designed for getting the most out of a new tab page and maximize productivity while you are using your browser.

Location – Needed for weather widget.
Websites – To allow using any web-app to be used on the extension page.
Notifications – To notify user about the updates.
Bookmarks – To show bookmarks in extension
Apps – To show apps in extension

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Ghulam Nabi Madni

Awesome Customize-able extension for New Tab. Awesome Work Glaxosoft

Muhammad zair

simply WOW

Bukhari Mobile Solut

Awesome Extension, I was looking whole day but finally found glaxotab. Thank you so much

Arslan Asif

everything at one place ow-some

zeeshan csr

nice extension.

Arfa Web Solutions

谢谢,这就像在Google chrome中有我自己的系统一样。我需要这个应用程序,因为当我旅行到网上访问我自己的桌面是葛兰素的优势。