Pervasive GRE

Pervasive GRE


Translate words and expressions in context and improve your language skills. Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, etc. 在上下文中翻译单词和表达式,提高你的语言技能。西班牙语、法语、俄语、意大利语等。

Reverso Translate in Context
Reverso Translate in Context


Rememberry – 翻译和记住
Rememberry – 翻译和记住

A new vocabulary word and its definition in your browser tabs 浏览器选项卡中的新词汇及其定义

Magoosh Vocabulary
Magoosh Vocabulary

For learn japanese, work in all website. Select text and double click to translate. 为了学习日语,在所有的网站工作。选择文本并双击进行翻译。

Japanese Translate & Dictionary Mazii じしょ日本語
Japanese Translate & Dictionary Mazii じしょ日本語


Vocabla: translate English words
Vocabla: translate English words



Easily view GRE words as you browse the web! Build your vocabulary as you choose to see where GRE words are located in your online… 浏览网页时轻松查看GRE单词!建立你的词汇表,因为你选择看看GRE单词在你的在线位置…

Magoosh GRE Vocab Highlighter
Magoosh GRE Vocab Highlighter

This app helps to learn English language. It displays new words from English-Chinese dictionary at the bottom of the page. 这个应用程序有助于学习英语。它在页面底部显示英汉词典中的生词。

English-Chinese vocabulary expander
English-Chinese vocabulary expander


Pranav Mare

Right its not working on

Nikhil Agarwal

Is it open source?

Quynh Dang

Thank you for your review. It doesn’t work on either. It works on, the news site I use to improve my GRE verbal.


doesnt do anything.. o highlighting nor synonms.. just a dud

Nurul Anwer Tarek



didnt work for me?

Mr. Rony


Adib Aninda

> Couldn’t use it on and That is a bummer! I am currently on my office desktop. Tried incognito mood. Still not working. > Worked on,,

GRE Verbiage

Underlines the words on The Economist, very useful! Maybe slows down the browser a bit, but still

Saifuddin Mahmud

Excellent service.

Ripon Saha

It’s a functional Extension. But The Word list is not correct. Please Add only the GRE word list nothing else.

Joynal Abedin

Great to use it.Hope it will be more useful in upgraded version

Wp Wang

very nice

Asanka Herath

best app for gre

Yeasir Akram

Best extension to find article which are full of GRE word. Loved it . Is there any way i can add my own gre word, because some of High frequency word are missing from your Database or programming.

Nahid Hasan

It is really helpful.Can you plz add the feature ” when i click the GRE it will highlight the gre words, again when i click it it will make words not highlighted.” Currently once it highlights the words in a page..there is no way to make them not highlighted. Again thanks for the nice extension

Rudy Silva

It’s pretty good. It took a while to figure out that it was off by default and you have to click the icon to enable it. Also, it seems like “options” on the drop down menu has not been enabled for a long time. Still it works pretty well. You can mouse over the highlighted words and the definition will appear. I really love that feature.

Kyubyong Park

I love this. But he “Options” is not activated. I totally agree with Zach. I also want to make my own word list including their definition.

Xudong Zhang

good is useful

Xingyun Liu


Aakash Bhowmick

THE best extension ever!

Ajinkya Kawale

Absolutely the ‘best’ academic app on the internet. Really very very useful.

Zach Diamond

Seems very useful; however, it would be much more helpful if you could designate words NOT to show. Additionally, would be great if it consistently had a pop-up of total words on a page, rather than requiring you to click the button every single webpage.

。。。 D。。。。。


Pramod Lakshmanan

Works great. Wished it would work on localhost where I’m tracking my own progress

Radek Michalak


Sophia Luo

感谢大神! 有两个建议: 1. 好像没开一个网页都要点Pervasive GRE按钮才能开启GRE词汇高亮,能否把高亮GRE词汇设定为默认? 2. 能否扩展一下词汇库?扩到红宝书的20,000+ 词汇?



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