Classroom helps teachers save time, keep classes organized, and improve communication with students. 课堂帮助教师节省时间,保持课堂组织,并改善与学生的沟通。

Google Classroom
Google Classroom

Best PDF and Document Annotation and Markup Tool. Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom 最佳的PDF文档注释和标记工具。与Google Drive和Google教室合作

Kami – PDF and Document Annotation
Kami – PDF and Document Annotation

Socrative Student Chrome App 苏格拉底学生Chrome应用程序

Socrative Student
Socrative Student

Seesaw is a student-driven digital portfolio that empowers students to independently document what they are learning at school. Seesaw是一个由学生驱动的数字组合,它使学生能够独立地记录他们在学校学习的内容。

Seesaw: The Learning Journal
Seesaw: The Learning Journal


Daum Equation Editor
Daum Equation Editor

Nearpod Lessons: Download ready-to-use content for education Nearpod课程:下载可供教育使用的内容


PowerSchool Learning is a suite of beautiful, cloud-based tools designed to get you up and running with digital learning in minutes. PowerSchool Learning是一套漂亮的、基于云的工具,旨在让您在几分钟内启动并运行数字学习。

PowerSchool Learning
PowerSchool Learning

Interactive presentations and formative assessments to engage every student in your room, every day! 互动演示和形成性评估,让每个学生参与到你的房间,每天!

Pear Deck
Pear Deck



Armin k

That is not correct. We do not attempt, in any way, shape or form, to access what you type in any other website. Furthermore, our application does not have access on what you do on any other website, as this is not an extension. I would appreciate it if you corrected the 3 stars reported above.

whatever happens

I think it gathers data-like everything you type- and seems to run in the background “Typing club has access to this site” shows up at the top corner of my browser no matter which website I am on. Please clarify if I am mistaken.

Hariata Kasi Ikinepe

very good app.

Rachel Schoenberger

This typing app is really cool and great for learning or practicing typing. There are badges to earn, background pictures, videos and lots of typing lessons. So much fun! 🙂 I have learned a bunch of cool new facts about typing, health, animals the world and more ever since getting this app.

Mike Choy

Fantastic app , very engaging, can get by on the free version

Mckrae Brewer

it is a great learning app.

Google 用户

so much fun to do it right

md sohan


Christiane Brossi

Overall, this is a wonderful app where children learn to type and have fun at the same time. My students compete with one another and enjoy the activities, winning badges and getting the coveted five stars. I only don’t give the five stars to it because the login does not work all the time.

The True Tank

I like the old typing club better, it was easier, it was more helpful, and it helped me learn faster

Google 用户

Because it does not help

Leandro Da Rosa Marques

This is the best app to learn or improve your typing skills. For new users, it may take a few months to see the results yet it is WORTH to repeat their lessons over and over. I am looking forward to sign up for advanced stuff. Thank you!

Kai Kai

Awesome! Super accessible!


love it

vamc reddy

The best tutor for typing if your are sincere….

Pizza_yums ROBLOX

It’s good. I do it at school and it is fun.

Lindia Namchoom

Seriously Wow| Great App..

welovfree • محمد

A very good, helpful and complete guide to touch and type, by using this app you can learn how to type with the whole keyboard without looking down any more! and you’ll increase your typing speed as well.

Stephen Curren

Works Wonderfully. Just put in 20 minutes a day and you will get a lot faster. Helped me quite a bit with school and writing essays,

Marco Massenzio

Great tool to learn how to type.

Anthony Matteo

I liked it a lot it just needs more reviews. I spent most of my time re-doing levels.

aj partner

its working nice ..

Ann L

I learned to type back in the 70’s but there is always room for improvement. This app is a great refresher.

Benjamin Gallacher

Its a really good app and its helping me faster than I expected. I just wish I wasn’t experiencing regular issues getting onto the app, keeps coming up with bad gateway notices

Team Biznitch

And i thought i was already a really fast typer but now i ca type REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY FAST

Ivan Seda

Excellent tutor

Mirjana Marković

Great app!