Better Wattpad Interface

Better Wattpad Interface


Quickly access Skype for Web and Share on Skype through your browser 快速访问Skype for Web并通过浏览器在Skype上共享


The world's leading emoji keyboard for Chrome. Now Unicode 12 compatible! 全球领先的Chrome表情键盘。现在Unicode 12兼容!

Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels™
Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels™

Instagram DM Direct Message for desktop Chrome. Upload photo, video and story. Story download for Instagram. Plus Facebook Messenger Instagram DM Direct Message桌面版Chrome。上传照片,视频和故事。Instagram的故事下载。加上Facebook Messenger

Web for Instagram plus DM
Web for Instagram plus DM

3000+ word search puzzles free. Solve easy ones & unlock all levels! 3000多字的搜索拼图免费。解决简单的问题并解锁所有关卡!

Word Search Puzzle Game
Word Search Puzzle Game

Official We Heart It Google Chrome extension 官方We Heart It Google Chrome扩展

We Heart It
We Heart It

With our service you can quickly create Avatars or a Cartoon of Yourself directly online without any software installs and for free! 通过我们的服务,您可以快速创建化身或自己的卡通形象直接在线无需任何软件安装和免费!

Cartoon Yourself
Cartoon Yourself

Quick links to 10 popular websites. 快速链接到10个流行网站。

Quick Links
Quick Links

Save all of your notes and memos in Chrome! Easy to organize, copy, paste and sync between computers. 将所有笔记和备忘录保存在Chrome中!易于在计算机之间组织、复制、粘贴和同步。



bts ARMY

حتى انا ما عرفتي كيف تثبتينه

Chaotic Good Necessary Evil

Dude its still broken

Eric Buttowski

awesome app

Hasrat Mohal

why is it not opening? i tried double clicking it but nothing happened.

Cloé Duc

这并不容易,但是你可以添加另一个很棒的chrome扩展,比如Dark Reader:

Lucas Abe

Could you make a simple version of Night Mode while they are not yet available in the pc version? / 当电脑版还没有提供夜间模式时,你能做一个简单的版本吗?

Cloé Duc

Can you describe the popup and the problem ?

Davie Choonoo

Whenever I click on it a pop up comes up saying that there has been a problem.

Marinete Pereiradesousa

excelente muito bom

Maria alejandra Torrealba rosales


Alexandra Wiles

good so far, but I don’t think I am going to use it

william souza


Malsa mujuthaba

I’ve started using it! thank you! 💗💗 It’s good so far

Cloé Duc

I added it ! Thank you very much 😀


I’ve just translated the extension to Polish, would love to see it added :>

Maria Ancheta

The app is amazing. I love it!

Marq C L Cano Lopez

me encanto 🙂

maritza lopez

me encanto


Excellente extension ! Voire indispensable. Je recommande vivement à quiconque aimant utiliser Wattpad sur ordinateur. 🙂

Michelle Malig

It’s like the app sometimes. I love it

gadae wilson

how the hell do you use this

love live u's

البرنامج جميل لكن لا اعرف كيف اثبت التطبيق على الابتوب


muy buena aplicacion

Lexydrl :3

me encanta, es útil para cualquier cosa leer, escribir, comentar, etc.

astrid rodriguez

es buenisima.

Its_ dejaee

how did you get in

Debora Guimarães

Muito bom!!!

Isabela Ortiz

me gusta

Simplyy Dee


Daphne Sotor

how to add this on desktop?? plss teach me!!!

Fabrice Lamachere

Absolument indispensable pour la version PC… Merci mille fois pour le travail !

Ashlynn Dawn

love it



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