Zonify – Import Product Amazon Shopify


It helps import product reviews from AliExpress and Amazon to Ryviu Platform. This app supports Shopify and Woocommerce. 它帮助将产品评论从AliExpress和Amazon导入Ryviu平台。此应用程序支持Shopify和Woomerce。

Import reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon
Import reviews from Aliexpress and Amazon

Expressfy allows you to easily import dropshipped products from Aliexpress directly into your eCommerce store in a few clicks...… Expressfy允许您轻松地从Aliexpress直接导入到您的电子商务商店,只需点击几下。。。…

Expressfy – Import Product Aliexpress Shopify
Expressfy – Import Product Aliexpress Shopify

Automate 90% your fulfillment with AliExpress 使用AliExpress实现90%的自动化

Upinus – Fulfillment Automation Tool
Upinus – Fulfillment Automation Tool



Randolph Lee

How is your margin? as Amazon.com has generally rock bottom pricing. Can you mark up, or down the Amazon price? / 你的利润如何?因为Amazon.com的定价通常是最低的。你能加价,还是减价?

J Aquino

Great app, I love the way it works… very easy to use

Carl Gerber

Said it was free, but it isn’t. I don’t mind paying for apps, but they should be upfront with their pricing.

Zoran Bulat

I love this plugin. It saves a lot of time, works great

Basanta Gharti

was doing drop-shipping from aliexpress for the last 6 month, best timing to start amazon drop-shipping as well. Zonify makes it so easy, thanks 🙂