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Tradingview Shariah Indicator 简介

Help user to easily identify any stock that are either syariah Compliance or non-syariah compliance within Malaysia. If it is a syariah compliance, then this extension will add a small indicator(green icon as in screenshot) to that stock.

Currently this extension only cover at these pages (refer the images)
– /screener
– /symbols
– /chart

Repo page:

Bug Report and Suggestions email me at:

– Add filter by shariah only in /screener page
– Smash few bugs and update logic

– Improve internal logic
– Added popup and show current data timestamp
– Use external json
– Just reload if the indicator sometime shy to show, 😀

– fix bug in screener page, where shariah icon is not visible

– fix internal logic that in few cases, shariah indicator doesn’t show up

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One PuncH

thank you very much. last year ada feature request to TV to include shariah, tak tau lah bila boleh dapat. So this extension is really very helpful.

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