Plater 简介

Plater automatically compares the price of your restaurant delivery across different websites to find you the best price. How does it work?

1. Head to your favorite delivery website.
2. Add your order and proceed to checkout.
3. Look for the Plater button.
4. Click to Save 🥳 🎈 🎉

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Steven Westreich

1 click and BOOM, $ in your pocket. Genius, so simple. No brainer

Benjamin Turofsky

Tried Plater for the first time and it saved me $$$$$$$. That’s all I have to say! Great Job!

Sean Bejell

Highly recommended! Using Plater is a lifestyle choice – of getting the most out of your buck, and minimising middleman expenses!! Download now and save immediately

Alejandra Armendariz

Love it!!!!

Lourdes Armendáriz

increible y facil de usar, lovely

eilon morag

, Ran into this App by accident and it saved me more than 10$ on my first trial, just incredible.

Reah Miyara

It’s ridiculous how effortless this extension is to use and I’m constantly impressed by the savings! Thank you!!!

Guillermina Comas

I’m so happy I found this app. NYC prices can vary so much, and thanks to Plater I always find the best deals. I also appreciate the design. Love, love, love.

Leora Goldberg Acoca

I saved money using Plater -download it now -highly reommended

Oren Spiegel

So easy and intuitive to use and saves you lots of $$$$$!!!!!

Miriam Zaga

Platter is super useful! It’s easy to use and saves you lots of money. It’s a great way to compare prices and get the best food at the best price!

Ortal Gishry

Great tool! Super easy to use and extremely helpful!! Before using Plater I would spend a huge amount of time going through different apps and trying to get the best deal. The Plater extension now does that for me and saves me time and money

Yonathan Haimovich

Plater has saved me a few hundred $$ since I started working from home. I used to compare delivery prices manually, until I realized there must be an easier way. Plater is super easy to use and works great!


This is brilliant! I just realized how much money I’ve been wasting on the exact same products, for no good reason. Thank you Plater, great experience, you’re my go-to food-order service from now on

Yaniv Yaron

I had no idea delivery platforms can differ so much for the same food! When my friend showed it to me, I didn’t believe it. then on first try, Plater saved me $8 and so I’ve been using this ever since. Great app

Alex Yaron

It’s the Kayak of food delivery! Amazing platform! Been saving me lots of money since this whole bull***t pandemic thing started and I’ve been ordering in more.

Miriam Zerbib

This app is fo real a lifesaver! I’ve been hoping for this idea for forever now, constantly jumping through apps and calculating the hidden fees was becoming a drag. Thankfully this came just in time as I’ve become too lazy to cook. Bless this shortcut to the cheapest food delivery option.

Monica Goldberg

Love Plater! Saves money and time, easy to use. One click shows you the best option to order food.

Emily Dilmanian

Plater is really easy to use! It works like Honey. Whenever I order on UberEats it checks other prices for me and I already saved 9 dollars on an order 🙂

Harris Robin Kalash

Saved $10 on my last fried chicken order thanks to this extension. Seriously love it. Food arbitrage at it’s finest 👌

Roy Tessler

I recently downloaded Plater in NYC and it finds me better deals EVERY TIME. It’s also very easy to use because it integrates with all the different apps.

Oded Goldberg

Great Chrome extension that continuously saving us a bundle, on all of our delivery food orders. The extension is easy to use. During pandemic time where food deliveries replacing actual restaurant eating, it is a welcome free of charge tool we enjoy using. We love it .. THANKS PLATER

Nogah Goldberg

I started ordering a lot of food once COVID started, and it really bothered me that I was spending so much money on each delivery even if I was ordering just a salad. Plater improved my experience ordering food drastically. saving me at least $5 on each order, finding me a cheaper deal every time! Thank you so much!!!