Tamriel Maps Theme

Tamriel Maps Theme




Wolfey D

As many have said before, its perfect

Mad Alien

It’s a great theme, fits well and it is of high quality,an as a fan of TES i like it a lot!

Christina Knaus

My favourite theme.

Karen Marburger

Best theme! I won’t use another. Colors are perfect!

Owen Ames

I love it.

Abby Mercer

The detail and coloring of the map is awesome. Great theme!


Ok I´ve been using it for 2 minutes now but it’s PERFECT!

Саша Рудик

В принципе, тема неплохая, но совсем не видно вкладок.

Aaron Harris


João Menegaz


Cheyenne Autumn

It would be better but I can no longer see the words for my bookmarks.

Gloriana Perez

Muy hermoso. <3


I’ve used this theme for a few years now and I really enjoy it. The new tab feels like you’re opening up your backpack in-game and checking your map. Nice varied brown tones in the top tab bar makes this theme easy on the eyes. Also I don’t use a status bar in chrome, but the pop up bubble at the bottom that displays when you hover over a link IS white text on a white background with this theme. Minor annoyance, in general doesn’t bother me, but YMMV. Another review suggested using ctrl + mouse scroll wheel on the new tab window–this lets you zoom in or out on the map, just watch how small your google links get at the top right at the same time.


Perfektní! tenhle motiv sem si hned zamilovala 🙂

Joy Sinnathamby

My fav. real world game the best in the world

Евгений Дергунов

Очень красивая и интересная тема в виде карты, из мира The Elder Scrolls Sryrim, надо бы ещё серию таких, типа карта Тамриэль и другие из миров TES

Kjell Roelofs

very beautifull! thanks!

Lilly Steam

Beautiful. Exactly what I was looking for.

Lorenzo Alfaro





orsum m8

Lukas Clausson

Dude, thank you.

Brian Billings


maximus silas

its so cool

Diane Juleff

i love skyrim



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