Skin of Glass (by Skarv)

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Skin of Glass (by Skarv) 简介

Aero version:

Based on my Fade to White skin:

You can also try the brighter version:
Or let your Chrome shine with this theme:
You could also go Dark Blue:
See northern lights hovering above earth:
Or join the dark side with “Fade to Black”:

Thanks for your support, I have reduced the visibility of the “theme created by” message.

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Skin of Glass Aero (by Skarv)

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Shine Bright Aero Skin (by Skarv)
Shine Bright Aero Skin (by Skarv)

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Skin of Glass (by Skarv) 下载

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Gavin Bear

Aswome dewsign! Remind me of windows 7 r.i.p windows 7 but its good.

Евгений Карпов


John Shesha

Pas besoin de pulicité !

Eros dure

Muy Bueno

Игорь Буката

Автору респект!Все5 звёзд! Так лаконично и в стиле W7, как и подобает быть в аскет Хрома!

Tiger Gaming Productions

Awesome theme!

Elle Dimitrivich

Very pretty

Darren T

Real nice theme however I noticed an issue with the address bar at the bottom of the browser window. When you hover your cursor over a link on any web page the address details text which appears at the bottom is not clear and very distorted

Павел Кузнецов

для меня лучшая тема из всех которые я видел… всё время задумывался о картинке, рамке и т.д. а тут все простенько и как раз самое оно! =) 5!


Buen tema