相似插件 只选择最好最热门的主题

Flying Paint
Flying Paint 只选择最好最热门的主题

Beauty 只选择最好最热门的主题

Eiffel Tower
Eiffel Tower 只选择最好最热门的主题

Earth and Moon
Earth and Moon 只选择最好最热门的主题

Indescribable 只选择最好最热门的主题

Branches 只选择最好最热门的主题



Jill Bierenbaum


Pachia Xiong

I like the background photo but the top tabs and bar is just white. I would like it a little more it it had more color on the bars.


Beautiful theme! My only issue is I can’t really see buttons like the back page button, refresh, and the three-dot button, you know for “more” actions, since they are white and blend in with the background. Other than that, I loved this theme!

Corinne C

Ne fonctionne pas !

Анастасия Михайлова

И правда шапку совсем не меняет. обидно, картинка сама красивая.


Es muy creativo, la imagen produce algo de felicidad, me encantó, esta hermoso!!!

THE_adidas- Adidasович

Хрень, шапку не меняет

Treva Joan

Very bright and cool. It is just a bit too bright for me.

Jeanne Schaedler

Very nice. Has color and I can still see all my bookmarks, etc. Love it.



Contestación Radio

Muy creativo para los días lluviosos, no deprime pero recuerda los días de lluvia, ojala nos puedas hacer una calle lluviosa con faroles. Gracias, eres gran artista.

Røse Petals

It works very well, and whenever I use it I think THIS IS THE ONE. GOOD JOB ME. Seriously, if you can’t find any other theme to use, I would use this one.

Simply Sophie15

it was too zoomed in

spinning top preductions2

so flippin cute i love it,i dont think ill be changing anytime soon

Ginny Hultstrand

I love this theme! It’s very pretty and calming to look at. It is zoomed in a lot but other than that it’s awsome!

LilyTheStar Msp

I Kinda like this,It’s so cute but i’m not using it at the monent

Pill Bug

It’s so pretty.

Mare Leuverink

Ik vind hem heel mooi

Naomi Richard

I love this so much. When i log on to google chrome i say to myself”I am so proud of you.” It might not work on other computers because they might be bad. I give this five stars.

Элементал Ютуба


Dafne Novas

muy lindo y corriente…


สวย สบายตาดี


Super! Dobra grafika i ten wygląd!

Cristina Gallego Gómez

Me parece precioso, tierno y alegre a la vez. Me encanta!! Lo único malo que le veo que no afecta a la parte de arriba de las barras de google, y se ven grises y personalmente eso no me gusta, ya que es lo que se ve la mayor parte del tiempo cuando estás usando el navegador.



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