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Text Free Browsing 简介

Text Free Browsing is an extension that can hide text while you surf the web. You can turn it on or off at any moment.
An art project by Rafaël Rozendaal & Jonas Lund

For personal use only:


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Violet Martinez413


Mario Luigi

in deviantart, the text on the share buttons and the download button did not get removed.

Apoorv Gupta

I really like this tool. However, it doesn’t seem to be working on Google properties. It does not hide any text from Google Search results page or gmail. It still works on yahoo.com and Urban Dictionary. Is there any helpful debugging information that I could share with you?


Just……. Yes……..

modern lover

As a person who is very familiar with the fact that reading is totally uncool, this application has contributed a lot to my “internet status”.

Megan Woodmansee


Bredo Øveraas

Very nice

Pradez Singh

Really good, however id give it 5 stars if there was a short cut key to activate the app during web browsing, I have searched long and hard if there were any short-cut keys. If there is one can anyone comment and please let me know and I will definitely rate this 5 stars!

Piotr Paprzycki

Tego mi brakowało do życia. Serdecznie polecam.

morteza azmudeh

it is very exiting exactly when you are in a public place that any body looks at your device

Irene Emily

Great little tool. I love using it on Pinterest Awesome way to get rid of all that ‘visual pollution’

Nicholas Hobbs

this is really great work

Paul Rosales


Diana Rousanova

that’s blowing my mind thanx!

Yegor Zakharov

A very useful tool for browsing web 3.0