AdFighter- Faster,Safer & Smarter Ad Blocker

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AdFighter 简介

Enjoy! Faster, Safer and Smarter browsing with AdFighter. Protect your privacy with AdFighter.

AdFighter is a powerful, yet simple, ad blocking tool. Our aggressive algorithms block all ads, popups, all formats of online trackers some of them like data brokers, beacon, pixel trackers, heat map trackers. We have made our algorithm strong so you will enjoy surfing as you want. AdFighter blocks annoying content thereby releasing bandwidth & speeding up browsing experience.

AdFighter blocks –
• Banners, popups
• Text advertisement
• Video advertisement
• Social advertisement
• Pop-up windows
• Overlay ads
• Other harassing advertisement
• Deceptive sites
• Online trackers

Benefits –
• Faster, Safer and Smarter Browsing
• Intelligent and secure ad-blocker
• Best reader mode – Enjoy ad-free content
• Get protection from deceptive sites
• Active protection from online tracking
• Quick control for cookies & history
• Reduce bandwidth, CPU & memory usage

NOTE: When installing AdFighter, your web browser displays a warning notifying that AdFighter has access to your browsing history and personal information. This message is common to all extensions; we NEVER collect any information from anyone!

Any issue, report us:
Any comments contact us: here

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AdFighter 下载

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Isabel Gonzalez

ive tried so many ad blockers but this one actually started working so blessss

Jack d

This is the best thing ever and it helps me lot in my workplace. Wondering why I have not thought about this earlier. Definitely recommend others who hates ads. So smooth no more ads now.

Ujwal Nikam

Wow, never know about this, increased my browsing speed. So far working good, very clean design

Алєксєєв Олександр

чудово всю рекламу блокуе

Abhilasha Mandal

I’ve tried many extension. So far this is working best. Easy to use, easy navigation, cool graphics and all necessary features in one small umbrella. Definitely recommend others.

Sania Sharma

Awesome!. No More ads. Surfing was not this much happiest before.

anush raja

This makes my browser fast and clean.

Amol Kande

no more ads.

tanvi pradhan

This extension does what it says.Much more fighter to ad. And fights well. Love It!!!

Aditya Rao

One of the best extension so far.

Ajat Rathi

Loved it! Very nice guys. Working so good, surely recommend for others.

Anis Quresi

unbelievable working so good, adfighter has worked perfectly for YouTube watching and other sites.

Ruchira Surana

i am happy..

Javed Akhtar

nice efforts!

Mahindra sa

Awesome!! Too smooth experience. Great work Guys!!

Net Lover

Awesome!! No more ads.

Blue Care

Simply awesome.

Niramal Jani

So cool. No more youtube and other ads!!

M Abdullah

Working very smooth.

Car Sel

Awesome work guys. Work smoothly so far. Keep it up.

Vishwas Shevkari


Robin Kalla

It’s excellent and I definitely recommend this extension to anyone who does not want anymore ads. Thanks

Chris Gutter

First extension I have installed on chrome. This is must for any chrome user. Surprised with the features.

Rani D

This is simply just the best and must have extension, i cant imagine my browser without it full of adds, and tracking companies. Simply Loved it

Nandita Kaur

Working smoothly.