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Are you a die-hard fan of dogs? If the answer is yes, you should be installing this theme for your chrome and showcase the gratitude towards your loyal friend.

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puppy dogs 下载

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Hoonie Nam

I don’t like it even though i like dogs

Ilyana Toma

This picture was amazing only one problem it made my tabs go all black

Cookie Corperated

It was kinda stupid and bad quality

jesus acevedo

muy hermoso tema me encantan los puddles…

Gisele Michaud

love everything although it is hard to see open tab because it’s too dark. thanks for your awesome puppy theme can’t help but feel happy when you look at him <3

VI'sgacha•.• •_•

so cute i love it

enedelia soto

i just got it and i love it

University of Iowa Telefund

The dog was super cute but you can’t read anything in the tabs or the bookmarks bar so that kinda sucks.

norbert’s finest

It’s too cute! The only problem is that it doesn’t fit my laptop perfectly but its still nice.

Chiana Le

Wow the dog is soooooo cute and I love where the dog is. I especially love the dandelions! 🙂


It doesn’t fit, and the tab part is all black which is confusing and I can’t read what’s in the tab.

Tiara Paylor

it is cute

Hello Everybody

The theme is not well made. It does not fit on screen, the tabs are ugly, and the theme is very hard to enjoy. Although I love the fact it has a cute dog, I hate the overall theme!

jenny pam

good pic

Diane Taylor

Had this picture for ages, think it is terrific


not the best and i dont know how to take it off

Jenny Lowery

its to big for my screen and I am new at this do not know how to adjust it

Luz Helena Jaramillo Vallejo


Benjamin Fink

it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laure Gerasimatos

it is greeeaaattt!

Pablo Torres

i love this theme it’s amazing and totally adorable #cute

Camila Estraizer

mt fofo