The Matrix


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Xanlego dheedene

Het vult het scherm niet volledig en het is bar slecht. Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik ervanaf kan geraken

David Nelson

I guess they are all the same? It keeps changing I don’t like that I want what I see, no many other alterations and colors? I want what I see now if you let us know they change I would check it out but NO! you don’t?

Alvin Felix

try it that very good.


Não ficou legal.


Was made by an 10 year old

Long Dong McStrong

Het vult het hele scherm niet It doesn’t fill the whole screen


moche bas qualité je ne recomande pas

Adonias Silveira Da Silva

tem que fazer alguma coisa so fica parado que coisa feia

King Adam

sux big time

Thiago Silva

que coisa horrível, a aba não combina as cores, as pontas brancas estão nada a ver com nada. Muito feio, a resolução pior ainda.

Raymundo Ramirez

la imagen que ponen en la pestaña nueva podria ser mas grande y abarcar al menos toda la pantalla

Lorenzo Bertolino

torna al tema default -.-

dalton keeler

it honestly looks like flash animation style and its not what i had wanted

Grant Liberatore

There’s only one thing that resembles the Matrix in this theme and its a ridiculously low quality image of the Matrix code. Which is only able to be seen on the new tab screen.

Roseann Guthrie

I used to have this at work. I love the Matrix! I am a huge Matrix fan!

Loic Guichard

Pas adapter au nouvelle taille d’écran, image ne basse rsolution


horroroso. Se tivesse opção nenhuma estrela esta seria a minha classificação.

Braydon Gibson

no tab color :-{

Ángel Felipe Delgado Márquez

Didn’t like it. scripts were to big.

Nestor Arciniegas

No es como lo esperaba, no es hd.

Jean Charles Henry

too sheep for me, no finishing etc. Also bad.

Marcin Brzeziński

Lipa i jeszcze nie moge tego usunac ,wie ktos moze jak ?