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Real Estate Answers 简介

Whether you’re exploring a new neighborhood or researching at home, Real Estate Answers helps you overcome the information gap and data quality problem created by popular real estate search websites. Best of all, you remain anonymous.

Choose from a list of nearby homes or enter a specific metro, city, ZIP code, or address

Read answers from market insiders to learn what other real estate websites don’t reveal

Quickly select from a list commonly asked questions or enter your own specific questions with added details. Either way, you remain anonymous.

Find an agent to help you buy, sell, or rent a home. See recent client reviews, sale transactions, and market forecasts.

Install it today!

(NOTE: Only USA and Canada markets are supported at this time)

Real Estate Answers 类似扩展

Manage sales and customer relationships directly inside Gmail. 直接在Gmail内部管理销售和客户关系。

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AMZScout Pro
AMZScout Pro

Save time on Craigslist by peeking into listings and images without a single click.

craigslist pop for power users
craigslist pop for power users

在Amazon结果页面上获取有关每种产品的重要数据。 选择最佳产品来盈利销售。

Amazon Quick View by AMZScout
Amazon Quick View by AMZScout

This extension will give you Sales Navigator search access in the browser's menu 此扩展将允许您在浏览器菜单中访问Sales Navigator搜索

Sales Navigator Search Plugin
Sales Navigator Search Plugin

Adds live property market data onto Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket property for sale listings 将实时房地产市场数据添加到Rightmove、Zoopla和市场待售房地产列表中


Powerful extension and newTab page, help you access Google Services, Support Multi-Account and new messages checker 强大的扩展和newTab页面,帮助您访问Google服务,支持多帐户和新邮件检查器

BB Launcher
BB Launcher is an inspiring and exciting home search partner, providing a helping hand during the often stressful homebuying process. Homes.com是一个鼓舞人心、令人兴奋的家庭搜索合作伙伴,在经常充满压力的购房过程中提供帮助。 Quick Search Quick Search

This extension raises awareness for a very common accessibility problem on webpages: the missing alternative description for images. 此扩展提高了对网页上一个非常常见的可访问性问题的认识:缺少图像的可选描述。

Blinded by the Sight
Blinded by the Sight

Instant TK Numbers analyser designed for investors. Support BP Biggerpockets marketplace, Indy MLS (miborblc), Zillow, Trulia. 为投资者设计的即时TK数字分析仪。支持BP Biggerpoots marketplace、Indy MLS(miborblc)、Zillow、Trulia。

Realtime Analysis for Real Estate Investors
Realtime Analysis for Real Estate Investors

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Marc Dugger

Hi, Krista. I released a long awaited version 2.0 last week. It’s a significant improvement on 1.0. Please consider re-installing the extension and trying again. Thanks!

Krista Baines

This website is not user friendly and does not return the search parameters! I will be uninstalling.