Trello 简介

This services is intended to enable you to log time on your tasks you use in trello.

We are now in a kind of beta state, but the target of the project is to create a add on to trello that has the following features within the environment of the trello homepage:

– time logging per ticket
– time estimations per ticket
– burndown charts per board
– on page reports, monthly reports and exports to excel

We have attached 4 Screens that show what you can do right now, more to come soon:

Screen 1:
here you can start logging
Screen 2:
the active item is colored in green
you can pause logging and continue it later
Screen 3:
in the status bar you can see how many
hours have been logged on this board
just click on this to export an excel
sheet with all time records
Screen 4:
in the details overlay there is now also
a button to start a time log
Screen 5:
with the brand new save dialog you can
edit the Date, time and duration, flag
“billable” and “additional” and add a
description on saving the time log entry

We are looking forward to get good inspirations from our users 🙂

v1.4: COMING SOON: easy way to add time estimations for burn down chart.
v1.3.1: (27 Mar 2015) Bugfix Release: Fixed some Bugs in the API.
v1.3: (16 Feb 2014)Better save-record dialog and start button in details overlay
v1.2: (02 Feb 2014) Export function and an time sum in the status bar of each board
v1.1: (26 Jan 2014) Initial public release

Trello 类似扩展

Elegantt is the leading Gantt chart for Trello. It supercharges your boards to reveal the big picture and match your deadlines. Elegantt是Trello的主要甘特图。它能让你的董事会充分展示你的大局,并与你的最后期限相匹配。

Elegantt | The leading Gantt Chart for Trello
Elegantt | The leading Gantt Chart for Trello

Trello日程管理日历 • 时间管理 • Trello日程管理与Google 日历集成 • 团队管理

Planyway :Trello日程管理日历
Planyway :Trello日程管理日历

报告,计时器,标签,离线支持,燃尽图,对卡片/列表/任务版/用户/团队对时间和花费的预估, 历史记录, 更多功能等你探索!

Plus for Trello (时间跟踪, 报告,规划)
Plus for Trello (时间跟踪, 报告,规划)

Track time from Chrome and within popular project management tools. 从Chrome和流行的项目管理工具中跟踪时间。

Harvest Time Tracker
Harvest Time Tracker

Allow Trello lists to be displayed vertically or in a grid.

List Layouts for Trello
List Layouts for Trello

Add cards to your Trello boards from your browser 从浏览器向Trello板添加卡

Add to Trello
Add to Trello

Enhance your preferred web project manager with the Time Tracker Button and get automatic timesheets. 使用“时间跟踪器”按钮增强首选的web项目管理器并获取自动时间表。

Tracking Time | Button
Tracking Time | Button

Adds project labels to your Trello Boards 将项目标签添加到Trello板

Projects for Trello
Projects for Trello



Card counter and card ID's for easy collaboration and project management 卡片计数器和卡片ID便于协作和项目管理

Trello Card Counter
Trello Card Counter

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