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COLOURlovers Plus! 简介

COLOURlovers Plus! is a multi-feature extension developed with one simple objective in mind: to enhance your user experience on

Why? Because you’re awesome, that’s why.

The extension approaches its mission in two ways: modifying the existing design to better suit the way you’re COLOURlovin’, and adding new, extra functionality to extend the COLOURlovers experience way beyond the tab.



♥ Changes in the COLOURlovers interface, such as a navigation bar that scrolls with your window, more comfortable love notes, or direct replies on lovers’ profiles.

♥ Classic ways of keeping you updated: a Google Mail Checker™-style notification and love note indicator (“label”), and the small desktop popups from instant messengers we so love (“toasts”).

♥ An options page completely integrated into Chrome’s look and feel providing you with fine-grained control over the functionality you want – and the functionality you don’t.

♥ Automatic synchronization of your settings via Chrome sync.



Version 2015.5.7

[fix] love note reply animation

Version 2015.4.6

[upd] remove single labels
[fix] toolbar button when not connected

Version 2015.3.14

[upd] remove slash for single labels
[upd] remove payment confirmation
[upd] options page and menu cleanup
[fix] editor features when editing a comment

Version 2014.12.28

[new] fine-tunable label

Version 2014.12.23

[new] ad blocking
[new] sponsorship payment confirmation
[new] quick notification settings
[upd] various minor improvements

Version 2014.7.30

[new] editor: strikethrough button
[new] editor: keyboard shortcuts
[upd] black mini pager (by tristd11)
[fix] notification system breakdowns
[fix] broken toasts
[fix] broken comment delete links

Version 2014.1.6

[fix] mispositioned navigation bar

Version 2013.9.1

[new] enhanced lover comments
[new] auto-fixing of broken #comment-… links

Version 2013.7.19

[new] sound notifications for toasts
[upd] streamlined toasts
[upd] smoother animations
[upd] improved reaction times
[fix] properly resizable reply textbox
[fix] locked navigation bar for Themeleon





♥ “Dis-moi” by Phalaenopsis & yoksel

♥ palette selection by Phalaenopsis

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COLOURlovers Plus! 下载

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Sheryl Jeffries

Love it, It’s make a lot of difference!

Laurence Trudel

Crafted with care and it shows. Very helpful tool with some very smart tweaks and all kinds of enhancements guaranteed to make your life easier. I highly recommend this to anyone on COLOURlovers, you’ll love it.

Tristan Danino

Absolutely blown away from the moment I accidentally clicked the Chrome toolbar icon – well done! (from tristd11 on CL)

anneclairdelune berger

Léger, facile, efficace !

Mandie Patterson

This = the best thing on the internet. At least if you’ve ever used ColourLovers (which I also recommend); it makes everything a million times easier, more fluid, & it just makes SENSE! Especially, like others mentioned, the fixed toolbar, desktop notifications, & reply box at the top of love notes. Warning: You’ll never be content to use CL without it once you try it!

Swarnakanthi Balakrishnan

Love it!! Simple and efficient! Great work,g@bor 🙂

Barb Lucas

I am in Colour Lovers all the time and am very impressed with COLOURlovers Plus! There is so much to like about it, I can’t imagine anybody not liking it.

Praxical Idocious

I made a Google+ account just so I could rate this extension. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing; it’s an invaluable tool for browsing CL. ❤

Neki Rivera

simplifies communications. simple, clean and cool

Shahrizat J

Cool stuff. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us 🙂

Gabrielle Reyes

This is incredibly helpful(which is important considering OrigamiMei and I spend a significant amount of time daily sending each other love notes about absolutely pointless stuff.)and a great way to manage all the notifications, we’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time. I feel like a kid with a new toy.

Gail Middleton

Love the fixed bar at the top and the notifications. Simple, clean and much appreciated enhancement to an already cool site. I was hoping that it would add some functionality to the forums to make navigation easier. . . top/bottom/first page/last page without scrolling down to the bottom on every page.