Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL Opener


Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics is a fast and simple network testing and troubleshooting tool for Chrome and ChromeOS. The tool… Chrome连接诊断是一个快速而简单的Chrome和ChromeOS网络测试和故障排除工具。工具…

Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics
Chrome Connectivity Diagnostics

找到您的 IP 地址快速 !看看像地理定位、 whois、 DNS 和黑名单的详细信息。所有关于你的 IP。

我的 IP 地址
我的 IP 地址


Zamzar – 免费文件转换
Zamzar – 免费文件转换





This simple timer tells you when your time is up. 这个简单的计时器告诉你时间到了。


微度新标签页是一款基于Html5的Chrome浏览器扩展应用。它提供了网站快速拨号、扩展应用快捷访问、网站云添加、数据云备份等功能来增强 Chrome 原生新标签页(New Tab)


根据您的个性化需求,免费生成不同颜色、风格、形状和标志的二维码。QR Code Generator



Лапшинов Вячеслав

need 2 copy selected links and open it but without dublicats

Steve Private

I installed this add-on on my biz account a few months ago and it appears on my shortcut bar near the url field, but when I installed this morning on personal account it only appears onthe /apps window. What changed?

Matthew Toledo

Does what it says it does. No frills.

Сергей Владимирович

Works lika a charm. Doesn’t ask unneeded permisions

Ilham Fadillah

Nice,, actually does work.^^

Evan Parker

Just what I was looking for!

Stacey Carroll

Opens a tab to do this. Must go to extensions to find. Not very quick.

Sohail Khan

one of the awesome and best application on chrome store

G García

Very Nice, great for Web Developers or someone who works a lot on the internet.

Tom J

It’s good but it takes too long to launch the dials. You have to click on apps, open all app, then open all. If you could please make a quicker way where I can launch the browser, click one button and launch them instead I would love it!!


great app

J. Eduard

Only thing I found out that will allow me to open multiple URLs that were not in a web page. The great thing is that you can edit it after you copy and paste in case you did not wanted something or if there was extra junk in the line. ALL URLs opened fine for me. Great APP. My AV software did not detected any malware or anything fishy so I am very happy (so far).

Francisco Meza

This was a GREAT tool to check in BULK if URLs are 404ing. I am doing 301 redirects and need to manually check all URLs, but with this extension it automates a lot of it. Thanks melanto!

Matthew MacDonald

Does what it’s supposed to. Great for SEO work.

Richard Simon

Love it! It does exactly what I needed. I had a long list of URLs in a spreadsheet and this app was able to open all of them in tabs, just the way I wanted. Many thanks to the developer.

Ronak H Patel

It Works,Thank you so much, my hardwork of diving deep into this issue to find a good and working Multiple URLS opener is worth now.Simple and does the job.

Sandra Karolus-Mikhael

It’s a very useful website for opening multiple sites, which I do a lot for my job. The app works quickly if the websites opened are quick, but it can go slowly if the opened websites’ servers are slower. The options to open in new tabs or windows are useful. The app is streamlined and easy to use.



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