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New Tab Page by WHG 简介

Simplistic new tab page with time, date and gaming backgrounds.

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please let us know:

– Refactoring galore!
– You can now use your own images in the random rotation.
– Pin a wallpaper you like so it doesn’t change.
– Exclude/ include all the images included in the extension.
– A design for the settings page.

– Everything fades in at the same time

– Show all your apps (New permission)

– Clock is exactly the same as on computer
– Better background fading
– Opt in bug

– Analytics is now opt in, disabled by default
– Removed the the dark overlay on the whole background
– No longer the same image twice
– Settings button top right corner

– Top Sites
– Settings

New Tab Page by WHG 类似扩展


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Infinity 新标签页

Live new tab page: customize clocks, to-do list, hundreds of live backgrounds in your browser. 实时新标签页:自定义时钟,待办事项列表,数百个实时背景在您的浏览器。

Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers
Live Start Page – Living Wallpapers

Replace new tab screen with current time and weather. 用当前时间和天气替换新的选项卡屏幕。


A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes, calendar and more. 一个你会爱上的主页!通知、徽章、最近关闭的选项卡、快速笔记、日历等。

Home – New Tab Page
Home – New Tab Page

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Start – A Better New Tab
Start – A Better New Tab



Personalize your Start Page page with The New Tab! Get custom backgrounds, layouts and tiles for your homepage 用新标签个性化您的起始页!为主页获取自定义背景、布局和平铺

The New Tab – Customize Your Start Page
The New Tab – Customize Your Start Page

Replace your new tab with a minimalistic and customizable homepage featuring a clock, todo list, weather, bookmarks and much more! 把你的新标签换成一个极简的、可定制的主页,包括时钟、待办事项列表、天气、书签等等!

Leoh New Tab
Leoh New Tab

Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, and recently closed in a custom layout. 重新设计的新标签页,包括书签、应用程序、最常访问和最近关闭的自定义布局。

Humble New Tab Page
Humble New Tab Page

A customizable personal dashboard on your new tab page featuring 50+ widgets, breathtaking backgrounds and much more. 一个可定制的个人仪表板在您的新标签页上有50多个小部件,惊人的背景和更多。

iChrome New Tab – Ultimate Personal Dashboard
iChrome New Tab – Ultimate Personal Dashboard

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ttd. FaR2sToNeD

An amazing idea, something I never thought of needing until I saw it and now I wouldn’t load Chrome without it. Well designed and perfect for a gamer like me.

Fredrik Pettersen

Looks very good 🙂