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Beyond Good and Evil 2 HD Wallpaper 2019 简介

If you’re eager to expect a new extension then we’ve saved something completely different for you. We’ve created an extension to decorate your browser background and appear each time you open a new tab. Extension refers to a game that will only be released and you will be able to enjoy the photo until you are able to hang out. For you, we’ve prepared quality Beyond Good and Evil 2 games that will leave you speechless and you will get many features that will make it easier for you to use your browser.


– Install This extension by clicking on Add to Chrome button and it will be automatically added. Wait for few seconds while extension is loaded, the best follows!
– In the upper left corner, “GEAR”. That loads settings panel, where you can use toggle button for switching features on or off. Beyond Good and Evil 2 extension have options for you to have only HD backgrounds (pick favorite or make it random) or use some of great features.


– Centered, clock (12h/24h option) with personalized greeting for you to choose (ex. nickname)
– Great To-Do list so you can track important stuff
– Shortcuts to popular sites (click on Link icon in upper left corner).
– Quotes of the Day – be inspired with strong quotes, picked every day for you and your motivation.
– Click on Gear icon in upper left corner – Choose to have only wallpaper, or pick feature that you want.
– In same panel, click on Photos, and choose your favorite photo, or click on “Refresh” button next to gear to pick next wallpaper.

With this extension you will get wallpapers, art, drawings of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and many more.


To remove extension from your browser, follow these steps:

– Find three vertical dots icon on upper right corner of screen – Go to “Settings”.
– In the menu that appears , choose “Extensions”.
– From the list of installed Extensions, find the name of the extension you wish to uninstall.
– Click on the trash can icon to the right of “Enable” (for the extension you wish to uninstall).
– Our extension should be removed from your Chrome browser.

Easier way – right click on icon in toolbar and click “Remove from Chrome…”

Disclaimer notice:

This extension is made by fans, for the fans. We and the content are not affiliated with, sponsored or approved by any company and is unofficial. If you think that we broke your copyright, please contact us. While this extension is free, some part can contain ads.

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