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Time Boxer 简介

Time Boxer is for anyone who wishes to save time working on trivial things or plan your tasks. Do you waste a lot of time shopping online or watching youtube or facebook and want to limit it ? Using a phone or other device distracts you more, this extension is for you.

A pause button is not included in this extension to stop procrastination.

Describe your task and set a time and you want to spend on it. Extension will let you know when that time elapses.

Please leave a feedback once you use.

*Please be aware that the time you set is the duration and not local time.

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Gautam J

Simple and easy to use, I’d give this 10 stars if I could, thanks for building this!

Shankar Ragi

Great app…very useful while multitasking.

Praveen Thota

For someone who spends a lot of time on laptop doing multiple tasks and getting lost of time, this app has been very useful. Great app!!

Nithya Vani

Simple yet very effective.. Very useful to keep track of tasks when using browser. Avoids me from using phone to set time and get sidetracked.

Lakshmi Saroja Ponakala

I can ask my kids to not spend more than 30 mins on youtube.

Alex Kaiser

Really nice app that helps you stay accountable while working.

lakshmi ivaturi

Wow….Really worthy and saving ma lot time using this… …Thanks for this wonderful app….

Srikanth Namuduri

Great app to keep me focussed!

azize tunc

I just started using this at work for flagged emails. I turned them into tasks in this extension. I really like it so far.

bhavani naidu

Very simple tool, to keep a tab on your time. I usually get side tracked on various non-work related websites like shopping, Gmail. This tool helps remind you and bring you back on track!

sharika kumar

Usually when we use browsers esp social media/news etc we loose track of time , and end up spending a significant amount of time. Also being a researcher, I find myself getting sidelined/loosing focus on the topic of interest and reading some related interesting things. Henceforth I found it highly useful self-tracking tool!

Jose Pablo Escobedo

Simple but very practical! Nice to keep time of activities such as reading the news.