Watery planet

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Watery planet 简介

Earth is water
Nature Photography of a quiet night
Silence is a quiet mind.

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izzy cox

to small

Sara Ruth

I love the reflection of the sunset against the water however the image is a tad bit too small. If it were to fit the format of Google better then it’d be perfect.

Erich Lopes

very beautiful

Ryan D Jseph

Looks nice. eye catching. Got to give the guy who made this credit. But doesn’t fit to the whole browser.

Sarah Jones

could have been good but colours were all far too dark and the image, even on my small laptop screen, was tiny.

Li Sobral


Merrie Ritter

Image too small for screen. Too bad, it’s a nice image.

May Mimosa

the picture is too small.

Nina DelMar

Image was a bit small, but I liked that I got the deep, rich sunset but my tabs are still the classic silver for better visibility. Great balance!

Mario Youssef

it is amazing

Storm Arcana


vanderleia bortolote

muito lindo

Kevin Vuong

Image is terribly small. Why anyone would use this as a theme is beyond me.

Xander A

NTP image is WAAAAY too small. Unless your resolution is, like, 400×600, don’t install.

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