Islam 简介

This is a beautiful Islamic theme.

The word ‘Islam’ is an Arabic word that means submitting & surrendering your will to God.

The religion of Islam is the acceptance of and obedience to the teachings of God, which He revealed to His last Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings upon him.


There are six articles to belief;

1. Belief in God.
2. Belief in the angels.
3. Belief in God’s revealed books.
4. Belief in the Prophets.
5. Belief in the Day of Judgment.
6. Belief in Al-Qadar (divine predestination).

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Dwika Septadiarto


AOS Moko

merci mille fois pour se thème, que la paix d’Allah soit avec toutes les bonnes âmes,amine.

Rifqi Muhammad Firrizqi 101

Nice themes. I wil more themes about islamic

Mobarak Emon


хатлон витали


Muhammad Chabidin_97

Very Good and Very Liked!!!


doesnt even say islam

Abida Mirza

Beautiful theme, when you listen to the video, it really makes you think and reminds you of all of the blessings that have been bestowed on man.

Mohammad Fairus Osman


Shamil Nasrulaev

красиво очень


wallahhii the best

Rakibul Islam Salafi

I am Rakibul Islam Salafi, I liked this THEME best of luck u u u the creator of this theme, Fi amaanillah

Be Like Bro

Amazing Theme!

Gabby Sofi

it very nice

Husen Husaini

Good job brother..May Allah grant you reward for this effort

Rafat Razzaque

Mashallah! Beautiful.

aisha maude

love it

aishah umairah

great theme!! excellent~~~

Sandra Evans

I was looking for a theme that would “Jump Out At Me” This one did just that. My husband is going to love it!

check me

love this wall

Omaer Khan

Decent theme, but what does it have to do with Islam?

Huma Khan

Amazing Theme!. May Allah bless the person who has made this Theme !!!!..

Ong Deng Yu

Excellent theme

Tanweer Khan

Excellent theme!! JazakAllah for making it free 🙂

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