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Tweet Jukebox Loader 简介

The Tweet Jukebox Chrome Extension makes loading your jukeboxes easier than ever. By simply right clicking on your mouse while on a page you’d like to share, the Tweet Jukebox Extension populates a dialog box that will place the title along with the url (in shortened format) into the jukebox of your choice.

Want to load some photos from one of your favorite sites. The Tweet Jukebox browser extension will handle that with ease. When you have your cursor over the selection you’ll see the Tweet Jukebox logo appear. Simply click on it and it’ll prepare your selection, including the title, a shortened URL, as well as the photo – all ready to put directly into a jukebox.

It’s super easy and fun. For more info, please see our YouTube tutorial at:

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kiyotaka Taniguchi

Best tool to curate, save and share content. Amazing tool

Paula P Piccard

Best tool to curate, save and share content. Fantastic!!

Desiree McFallar

Save time, get more done. Tweet Jukebox is a life saver! LOVE IT!

James Payne

Great tool

Krista Droop

The #MustHaveApp for 2016! #TimFargo is brilliant! This app just keeps getting better. Outstanding customer service like #millennials have never known! @tweet_jukebox GO Experience it NOW! #Eye4Dogs

Nhl. Ertgrl

thank you.

Michael Warner

A MUST-have Twitter tool for your digital toolbox.

Patti H2

Great job Tim & Joel,you’re the best

Julie L

Love this service! This extension is one of the many awesome features it has.

Peter Punike

Great 😀 !

Laraine Sims

I’ve just started using this but looks like an amazing tool to save me time. Thank you!!

Hamilton Hill

Fantastic tool… recommend it!

Celeste Cooper

As a writer and health expert, this tool allows me time to interact easily.

Jason Halle

Amazing tool to use with the Tweet Jukebox. Saves time and effort and gives great results.

Sylwia Dykier

You can load jukeboxes at warp speed with this thing. What an excellent time saver.

Terezie Kyselova

Awesome tool for small biz owners and social media marketers. Super duper easy to use and works like a dream! Love it!

Joel Benjamin

Amazing new tool, makes adding images to my jukebox so much more simple and saves me a massive amount of time…Love it!!

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