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The Vamps Live 简介

The Vamps are a British pop band consisting of Brad Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans.

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naylie afreena

it’s so cool and nice love it!

Georgia Girling


Laurencia Kristina

love it !!!

Emmanuel Balisacan

i love there songs ^_^ we love THE VAMPS <3

Lillyanne Burns

I love the vamps yet this background is a little collided.

Tori A

love these boys and this makes my day

agustina ferreira

me encanta lo amoo y los amooo a ellos los amooo AMO THE VAMPS!!!!!

Izzy Braggins


Alli Jamieson

i love it!!!!

Merve Demir

So nice !! I loved it !

kazz Belazon

i love the vamps 🙂 and this is so cool af x

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