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Extension for AliDropship plugin. Allows direct import of AliExpress products to the user's dropshipping store. AliDropship插件的扩展。允许直接将AliExpress产品导入用户的dropshipping商店。


Import and sync products from AliExpress to your Dsers platform account. 将产品从AliExpress导入并同步到您的Dsers平台帐户。

Dsers –  AliExpress.com Product Importer
Dsers – AliExpress.com Product Importer

Automate product importing and fulfillment for your Dropshipping store 为Dropshipping商店自动化产品导入和履行

Dropified Dropshipping
Dropified Dropshipping

Import dropshipping products from 20 suppliers to your online stores 从20家供应商进口dropshipping产品到您的在线商店

ShopMaster – Dropshipping Product Importer
ShopMaster – Dropshipping Product Importer

Automate your Woocommerce AliExpress dropshipping business 自动化您的Woocomerce AliExpress dropshipping业务

Import Aliexpress Products to Woocommerce
Import Aliexpress Products to Woocommerce

Ali Orders - Automate your dropshipping by just a single 1 click 阿里订单-只需点击一次就可以自动完成你的送货

Ali Orders
Ali Orders

AliExpress to Shopify Importer AliExpress向Shopify进口商

AliExpress to Shopify Importer
AliExpress to Shopify Importer

Extension for Aliexpress Dropship for WooCommerce plugin. Search products and place orders on Aliexpress easily! 用于Woomerce插件的Aliexpress Dropship扩展。搜索产品并在Aliexpress上轻松下单!

Aliexpress Dropship
Aliexpress Dropship



Nouna semo

It costs money — which is fine, but that info should be upfront, not after you download the extension, connect it to your store, and then it asks.

Alex Novickis

uncool, first thing it does is log you into your shopify store and take you to the page to install the non-free plugin on your shopify store I deleted it due to this self install attempt

One Love

There is a Pro and Non Pro version. Unless you assumed you would have a FREE ride. LMAO


muito bom. recomendo, já vejo quem usa epacket antes de clicar. só compro por epacket

Leandro de Paula


Maksims Karracuns

You have to pay to use it!

Moshe Lugasi


Loz L

rip off, forcing us to upgrade…

עליז ריכטר

the new option of import feedback reviews from expressfy is awesome! thanks guys!

טל ליפל

My friend told me about this amazing app. Saves me time and money a great job

איציק סעדון

This app is exactly what I was looking for an efficient and inexpensive, Great support Thanks

גבי סולומון

A simple application to operate a great support thanks

Mena Mor

Great app great support good work

מנשה מרדכי

This is the 3rd store i’m using expressfy on, i love the simplicity of adding products & fulfill orders using expressfy.

Yehezkel Lippel

Amazing app saves time work, and money

Dania Pérez Sanchez

very good

Moshe Lugasi



Приложение заявлено как бесплатное, а сразу же после установки требует оплату!

Moshe Lugasi

thank you!

Tik-Tok Offers

Great app to build your ecom online business

Moshe Lugasi

thanks for the commenet!


I have been using expressfy for the last 3 weeks and it’s unbelievable useful! I have uploaded hundreds of products to my store and now with the new feature I can even fulfill the orders from the suppliers. Thank you for a great App!

Sean a.l

got recommendation from a friend who is making great money on shopify and using expressfy to import products & fulfill orders can’t wait to have similar results.

Moshe Lugasi

thanks for the feedback! more updates will come, glad you liked it.

Noa Grinbaum

One of the most valuable Apps I’m using at my Shopify store. Very recommended!!!

Moshe Lugasi

Thanks, glad you like expressfy. let us know if you have any questions.

Basanta Gharti

automation order process is working great, thanks for the update love the simplicity of expressfy

Atulya Bose

wow, i was waiting for the order fulfillment option to be released. thanks for that! Great move Expressfy

Rajat Kapoor

Simply Great extension 🙂

Soumya Kar

Shopify Import beyond Imagination… Great Work Team http://expressfy.com

Moshe Lugasi

thanks for the feedback! http://expressfy.com if you have questions, please contact us at support@expressfy.com 谢谢你的反馈!http://expressfy.com如果您有任何疑问,请通过support@expressfy.com与我们联系

Raghu Munnangi


Chandra sekhar Biswal

An Amazing extension, it really helped me a lot with my shopify store. Thanks Expressfy for such a great extension

4U Software Solutions

The best extension for all drop-shipper, who building their stores in shopify.

Happy Nagpal

Nice extension, save a lot of time 🙂 This is simply amazing and the best extension I have used. A perfect 5 for this. 很好的扩展,节省了很多时间:)这简直太棒了,是我用过的最好的扩展。一个完美的5。

aya spangler

“I was using expressfy for a long time, just installed it again to my new store life saver!”