Dark Night Rises Theme






Doesn’t fit my screen, but oterwise it looks high quality.


resolution is so small

Lionel Joffray

Taille ridicule.


Отлично сочетается с приложением “Turn off the lights”

Ali Hassaan

Dear Victoria, Thank you for the feedback. Really appreciate it. Thanks, Ali

Victoria Tabulov

Very eye-friendly background, and I loved it except it didn’t fit my screen, so there’s white on the edges. Otherwise, I really enjoy the background!

Emre S

Yanlarda beyaz boşluk kalıyor


Es Exelente Muy Buen Tema

Rodrigo Videla

Seria perfecto si cubriera toda la pantalla! 🙁

Дмитрий Гаврилюк

В названии сказано, что dark а там только одна картинка и то не на весь экран… Как же это убого.

Florian F

The tab background looks like dirt on a good quality monitor, but otherwise a very nice, eye friendly theme!

Eli Smith

okay does not fit the screen looks cool but others are better

Zhen Tong

love batman so much.

Ömer Faruk

yanlardaki boşlukları doldurabi,lecek bir tema varmı mümkünse siyah 🙂

Travis Hubbard

On wide screens this theme gives you white bars on the sides.

krysta kelly

Didn’t fit my screen well.

Michael Gray

Does not fill the screen…really? Bleh…

Pradyumna Kumar

It’s awesome…

Patricia Horton

Good theme. Clean, neat, functional. It’s not too simple, either. Kinda awesome. Bat logo could be more centered, but it’s not troublesome in the overall effect.

Adam Massey

Good theme, better if the logo wasnt placed in the centre. needs to be higher or lower. Just obscured by the search box and the top row of 8 most used web pages.

Martin Walschburger

Great movie, fan of justice league, and great image.

Arturo Fonseca

i do bealeave that this theme really woulc be fine

Andrew Miller

I did not like it at all! it didn’t even match my screen resolution! I didn’t like the color scheme. And it was just ugly! they could have one a way better job on this theme!