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Hotspot Shield VP* Free Proxy 简介

Hotspot Shield is the world’s most trusted VP* & Proxy, and it’s now available on Chrome! With over 500 million downloads, Hotspot Shield easily lets you access blocked sites from around the world. Unblock Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites while keeping your browser activities safe & private!

• Super easy to use. Turn it on with 1 simple click! No mandatory account required to get started (like all other VP* extensions).
• New features include Ad Blocking, Tracker Blocking, Cookie Blocking and Malware Protection. All are available during your secured connection.
• Access blocked websites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pandora at school, work, home or while traveling.
• Connect using one of many free Virtual Locations, or become Elite and access premium locations. For quick and easy access, use our Optimal Location, and our system will pick the best server for you.
• Use our Free version to get access to 95% of all features, or upgrade to an Elite account and enjoy full benefits across all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac)
• Mask and hide your IP, identity & location from websites & online trackers for maximum privacy & security while preventing personal information theft. We don’t sell your data to anyone like other VP*s!
• Say goodbye to daily, weekly or monthly bandwidth limits. Use our product with unlimited bandwidth!
• Browse anonymously & bypass firewalls to avoid being tracked—free for Hotspot Shield VP* Chrome extension users!
• Secure all browser activity with encryption on any public or private network without installing any additional software. Just add the extension and you’re done!
• Ability to automatically secure popular sites or bypass unwanted ones
• Hotspot Shield is one of the fastest free VP* services available. This means you don’t have to compromise speed while using our product during your online activity.

Hotspot Shield VP* & Proxy has been featured in Forbes, CNET, CNN, New York Times.
PC Magazine “Hotspot Shield VP* protects all digital communication…”
Lifehacker “If you’re concerned about threats like Firesheep or you know how easy it is to sniff out passwords and cookies, you may want to give the app a try.”
★★★★★ “Control your internet Privacy and Security – I’ve now tried them all (VP*s) as I travel 200k miles each year. This is the only VP* that works consistently, especially in MENA and APAC. This is the only one with REAL support. If you want the Internet privacy, security (& Pandora when you are outside the US), then look no further. JMHO” – Cster

ABOUT AnchorFree™
Founded in 2005, AnchorFree™ is the biggest VP* company in the world with over 500 million downloads. We own and manage hundreds of servers to support millions of VP* users every day. AnchorFree™ was chosen as one of the most promising companies in the US by Forbes Magazine, as well as the fastest growing companies by Inc. Magazine.

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Hotspot Shield VP* Free Proxy 中文简介

Hotspot Shield是世界上最受信任的VP*&代理,现在可以在Chrome上使用!Hotspot Shield下载量超过5亿次,您可以轻松访问来自世界各地的被阻止站点。解锁Facebook、Twitter和其他热门网站,同时保证浏览器活动的安全和隐私!

•匿名浏览并绕过防火墙,以避免Hotspot Shield VP* Chrome扩展用户被免费跟踪!
•Hotspot Shield是可用的最快的免费VP*服务之一。这意味着您在在线活动中使用我们的产品时不必牺牲速度。

Hotspot Shield VP*&Proxy已在福布斯、CNET、CNN、美国有线电视新闻网,纽约时报。
PC杂志“Hotspot Shield VP*保护所有数字通信…”



?2017 AnchorFree Inc.,AnchorFree GMBH。保留所有权利

Hotspot Shield VP* Free Proxy 类似扩展

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Unblock any blocked website in your country, school or company. It's free and easy to use. 在您的国家、学校或公司中解除阻止任何被阻止的网站。它是免费的,易于使用。

SetupVP* – Lifetime Free VP*
SetupVP* – Lifetime Free VP*

Betternet unlimited free VPN Proxy for Chrome enables you to access to all blocked websites and makes you secure Betternet无限免费Chrome VPN代理使您能够访问所有被阻止的网站并使您安全

VP* Free – Betternet Unlimited VP* Proxy
VP* Free – Betternet Unlimited VP* Proxy

Rawwwr! Put a Bear in your browser and privately access a more open internet in seconds! 拉威尔!在你的浏览器里放一只熊,然后在几秒钟内私人访问一个更开放的互联网!

TunnelBear VP*
TunnelBear VP*

代理伺服器VPN,免費解鎖任何網站 | iNinja 快如閃電的代理伺服器 / VPN擴展程式

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Proxy VP* to Unblock any sites FREE | iNinja

Quickly access blocked sites securely 安全快速访问被阻止的站点

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SaferVP* 免费的 VP* | 无痕浏览与解锁网站
SaferVP* 免费的 VP* | 无痕浏览与解锁网站

VPN Unlimited - best chrome extension for your browser Protect all your valuable private data and unblock any Website Add-on free VPN无限制-浏览器的最佳chrome扩展保护所有有价值的私人数据,并免费解锁任何网站加载项

VP* Unlimited Free Unblock Security / Proxy
VP* Unlimited Free Unblock Security / Proxy

快速,简单安全。 解除任何网站,影片或应用程式封锁的最佳解决方案。绕过审查并更改您的位置

下一代Tunnello VP* – 解锁,超快速和安全!
下一代Tunnello VP* – 解锁,超快速和安全!

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软件已经被ban了,还怎么番蔷 This application has been banned by Chinese Government, so it doesn’t work in China anyway.

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完美 perfect!~ love it !~

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very good and it’s free

mirro jay speed,and it’s help me a lot.

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