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Spacebar pause on youtube 简介

As long as when pressing space on youtube will not pause the video, our life mission is incomplete. So we introduce you the next cutting edge technology into your personal youtube – a youtube that actually pauses on spacebar (!!!!!!!!) (BTW: We are open minded about being acquired by google.)

Spacebar pause on youtube 类似扩展


Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube
Automatic 4K/HD for Youtube



唯一的YouTube™广告拦截插件;由拥有6000万用户,最受欢迎的Chrome 扩展AdBlock制作

AdBlock on YouTube™
AdBlock on YouTube™

海量自定义功能提升您的 YouTube™ 用户体验。

Enhancer for YouTube™
Enhancer for YouTube™

YouTube Optimizer/Enhance. Provides 'Smart Buffer' for slow connections; auto loop; buffer preferences; quality selection; and more YouTube优化器/增强。为慢速连接、自动循环、缓冲区首选项、质量选择等提供“智能缓冲区”

SmartVideo For YouTube™
SmartVideo For YouTube™


Dark Theme for Youtube, FB, Chrome
Dark Theme for Youtube, FB, Chrome

Enables various hotkeys to speed up and generally make YouTube's video editor more usable.

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Pro Mode for YouTube Video Editor

Simple Video Download Helper (doesn't work on 简单视频下载帮助程序(在youtube.com上不起作用)

Simple Video Download Helper
Simple Video Download Helper

With Super YouYube you can Read Comments while watching video, Control volume by scrolling over video. 使用Super YouYube,您可以在观看视频时阅读评论,通过滚动视频来控制音量。

SuperYouTube (Extension for Youtube™)
SuperYouTube (Extension for Youtube™)


Equalizer for YouTube™
Equalizer for YouTube™

Spacebar pause on youtube 下载

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Demid Fedorov

Excellent. Haven’t experienced any problems.

Maxime Villalonga

It doesn’t work.

sergcrack sergcrack

try the extension “YouTube Spacebar Pause” I’ve tried three of these, it’s the best

Mohamed Samir

it worked but it doesn’t allow me to type a space in comments


Can not use space in the comments and if you lest clicked on the video, then it does not work at all.


Not reliable.

Nathan Cole

worked well briefly, now only pauses for a second and keeps playing

John Smith

Can’t type spaces in comments.

Igor Ramon

Unfortunately didn’t work with Magic Actions for Youtube, when i press space to play, it quickly plays then pauses again. Same for pausing, it quickly pauses and plays again. Hope to get a fix sometime 🙂 The idea of this extension is AWESOME, but unfortunately didn’t work :/

Tyler W

Doesn’t allow me to type a space in comments and pressing space on a video just pauses the video for a second and continues either playing or being paused, whichever it was previously.

Przemo Przem

1. Doesn’t work. 2. If you try to write comment, you cannot make space.

Will Gittoes

Used to work, but now I can’t type space in comments. Chrome, Ubuntu x64

Agnes Nutter

Unlike some of the competition, this works perfectly with comments, and it works with other keys too (e.g. F for fullscreen). Couldn’t be happier!

Ryo Riot

Works like it should! Wish I’d discovered it sooner.


legit works / 10

Dale Davies

Works perfectly

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