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PageLoad times 简介

This Extension gives the fully loaded time. When the processing of the page is complete and all the resources on the page (images, CSS, etc.) have finished downloading. The browser will trigger window.onload when this occurs.


-New icon notifications for optimum page loads
-Green icon for <3
-Yellow icon for >3 and <5
-Red icon for >5 to display very high page load

PageLoad times 类似扩展

這個擴展比Instagram的移動版更好! 在瀏覽器中查看和上傳IG Story和其他功能。

Web for Instagram™
Web for Instagram™

Displays page load time in the toolbar 在工具栏中显示页面加载时间

Page load time
Page load time

Get insight into the performance of the website in the current tab - sort of a mini live version of WebPageTest


Helps you to block advertisements, tracking or any scripts and any annoying contents with easy methods.



Video Downloader Pro
Video Downloader Pro

This extension helps in measuring page load time and other relevant details

Analyze Page Performance
Analyze Page Performance

Shows the response times of up to three webservers. Useful to see how the internet/server connection performs.

ResponseTime Monitor
ResponseTime Monitor

Test your page performance with 5 testing tools with one single click

All-In-One PageSpeed Test
All-In-One PageSpeed Test

First paint time, page load time, to optimize your webpages

First Paint & Page Load Time
First Paint & Page Load Time

Graphs common performance timing data from your current website using the performance timing API. 使用性能计时API绘制来自当前网站的常见性能计时数据。

Web Performance Timing API
Web Performance Timing API

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suresh p

good one

Ashwini kk

Accurately provides the page load time.

Nikhil Purohit

Exactly what I wanted!

Murali P

Must Say it’s a Cool One.

Prashant Jain

Awesome extension, helped a lot.

marrireddy Kumar


Robin Gupta

Measures timing from navigation start event, brilliant and accurate .

puneet desai

Excellent one. Accurate time.

Alan Baird

Incredible timing. This extension got me the almost exact page load time when compared to Gtmetrix. Must have for web developers

Pooja Desai


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Mike Weliom

Awesome Extension. Accurate time