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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 简介

Optimized for the following display resolutions:
• WXGA (1360×768)
• FWXGA (1366×768)
• WXGA+ (1440×900)
• FHD (1920×1080)

Free of logos and messages on the bottom corners.

Please rate and comment if you liked it. Suggestions and opinions are more than welcome! Hope you enjoy it!


-Improved response of the theme’s inner background at 1440×900 resolutions.
-Added Spanish translation.
-Fixed write error in the code which prevented from new installations.
-Toolbar area redesigned in order to adapt it to the new sizes of Google Chrome 69 design (69.0.3497.81 Official Build).
-Bookmark text is now white again.
-Other minor color changes.

© 2016 EA Digital Illusions CE AB. All rights reserved. Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are registered trademarks of Electronic Arts, Inc. in the US and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

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fatima saavedra 123

esto es de lo masimo m e gusto

Gilles Banbuck

Theme casi parfait pour moi mais j’ai du le changer car il ne s’adapte plus a la taille de mon écran ce qui est dommage


Me gustó 🙂

Higor Bueno

<3 rsrs

velascoiin - Xd


Silent Soul

faith isn’t in it it’s sad to not see her

ian _

Bad optimized. Big white strip down the screen

Antonio Vazquez

Buena Calidad 🙂

The Ghostly Trigger

It’s awesome!

Yasin Yıldırım

Mükemmel… Faith <3


Pretty Good. Just won’t fit in my browser.

Rianka Hofmeijer

Het ziet er goed uit.


feels like home

Iftekhar Arnob

love it


beautiful just amazing brings out my passion for mirror’s edge.

Danel Amstelveen

Krijg niet het volledige plaatje

Tio Lobo

muito bom adoro esse jogo

Wilson Villegas


Fera Nya

it’s beautiful, what else really

Joshua Z

best out of the two themes by Alejandro D.


Top notch


really love it

Pandanın Brownisi


Johni Bento

tesão piá

Vincent Vermilya

A smaller image for 1366 X 768 monitors would be nice

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