Mortal Kombat: Scorpion

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Mortal Kombat 下载

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carnom killer

its good but it only covered half my page so ……….. i didnt like it

Kyle Perry

He is my fav character in all mortal combat games


Did not fully cover the google chrome screen

Denny Rodriguez

ME gusto este tema muy llamativo me gustaron los dos de sub zero escorpion

Edgardo Jimenez

NO me entra la pagina principal google es lento es una Basura y nose como eliminarlo alguien q me ayude como lo elimino

lil savage johnson

good pic for google

Roger Delgado

scoroion el mejor 😉 de mortal kombat

Stephen Ebiya

I love this scorpion theme he is one of my favorite characters in the game.

Dario Keue

poderia deixar mais personalizado ou familiarizado mais o temo com o navegador assim deixando mais customizado, ficaria melhor

Trenton Robertson

It is perfect.

Alex Martinez

This is actually awesome. Great job.

jib rodriguez

Low res, and not for computers with medium to large monitors.

Jesse Vankan

It looks AWESOME

Mr. Z


Verk Kuso

unbeatable alone.

Garrus Vakarian

Scorpion is really cool c: Also loved the theme.

Hugh Stacy

It looks Great

elliott mabe

It is beast, highly recommended.

gustavo eduardo gomez aranda

es muy fina, me encanta 😀

Russell Martin

it’s great but, were it says Gmail you really can’t see it Gmail need to be a lighter color

Armaan AmOdd

Was looking for exactly this, looks amazing thanks!

colin cummings

awsome do more

Daniel D C

love it mortal kombat X scorpion

Filthy Savage492

this is a really cool background for computers