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YouTube Auto Like 简介

This extension auto likes every video on YouTube you watching.

– Likes if not liked
– If video is disliked, it will remain disliked.
– Now supports new youtube interface

If you like this, please support the developer by going to options menu. Thanks.

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Олег Балтаг

Should’t. Write yout own.

Snowcone Guy

Should have an auto-dislike function.

Brian Lain

Does what it says on the tin! Add extension, refresh YouTube, and auto-like away. I make a habit of liking YT videos as YT likes to forget viewing history (red bar on thumbnail) after a while. This does that for me while still allowing me to weed out accidental clicks with its built-in delay setting (currently have mine set to 30s).

1k subs for a creator code with 17 vids

dos not work it a skam


Works nicely, better than one alternative but it would be nice to have percentage option too because some videos are shorter than sensible time limit.


A sua extensão foi a que chegou mais próxima do que eu queria, poderia me ajudar, por favor, mandei a minha sugestão no Support

Paulo Henrique Rossi Vieira

Works great!

Sameh Botros



very nice


its okay but please add some customisations to be better like auto like after a min/end…..


YouTubeの使い方を勉強中です。 よろしくお願いいたします。

Paulo Cesar Nogueira

e muito bom

Eric Mora

It likes videos that you watch! If you watch a scam video it likes it and you get more scam >:(

Thắng Nguyễn


Kreassif Mandiri


Wired Coffee


666 Dead666

nme engedi ki szedni

Nosce Te Ipsum

Works like a charm, thanks.

Rachna Craft


Tudor Neicovcen

Works great!

Олег Балтаг

Works good. Likes video if not liked. If video is disliked, it will remain disliked, it is good solution.


Funktioniert SUPER!! Jedoch vermisse ich einen ein/aus Button.

Rafael Miranda

Thank you! Useful extension!

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