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Etsy Unfav 简介

For Etsy sellers who play Favathons daily or those who want to play them but have no much time, this extension could be the best solution to waste much less time doing it. As you know, it takes a lot of time to unfav and fav all listings manually – you need to scroll until the product, put the mouse on, click to unfav, wait until it’s done and click one more time to fav it back, and repeat it as many time as many listings are published in the thread.
This extension makes it much easier – it adds one single button which appears on pages of Favathons and when you press it, it just do it all for you – it unfavs all favorited listings(and only them), and then favs them and those which wasn’t faved earlier. After doing this, the extension sends you to the next page of Favathon automatically, so everything you need to do click that magic button once at the begining and let the extension do the rest – it will repeat the process through all listings on all pages of the thread until the last page or until you are out of Etsy’s hourly limit of hearts (then it will wait until the next hour and continue automatically) . Also, don’t forget that free “Etsy Hearts Counter” extension could help you controlling your hearts – just search it in Chrome Webstore.

Etsy Unfav 类似扩展

A free extension for your browser that will easily find the best prices for the products you are browsing. 为您的浏览器提供免费扩展,可以轻松找到您正在浏览的产品的最佳价格。

Choicy – find better prices
Choicy – find better prices

Save products to Savelist from your browser. 从浏览器中将产品保存到保存列表。


The Sorting Social chrome extension enhances the abilities of Sorting Social allowing users to perform more types of searches. Sorting Social chrome扩展增强了Sorting Social的功能,允许用户执行更多类型的搜索。

Sorting Social
Sorting Social

Tool for automatic exchanging of item views and hearts. 自动交换项目视图和心形的工具。

Etsy Heart Exchanger
Etsy Heart Exchanger

Tools for all Etsy shop owners. Buyer ranking - get quick info on your buyers. Multi convo, Multi fav and Multi follow. 所有易怒商店老板的工具。买家排名-获取买家的快速信息。多车队,多fav和多跟车。

Etsy Shop Tools
Etsy Shop Tools

Remove annoying native advertisements from Etsy listing pages 从Etsy列表页中删除烦人的本地广告

Etsy AdBlock
Etsy AdBlock

Tool for Etsy Search Analytics. Export search queries and word statistics to files for Excel and word processors. Etsy搜索分析工具。将搜索查询和单词统计信息导出到Excel和单词处理程序的文件中。

Etsy Search Analytics Saver
Etsy Search Analytics Saver

Extracts tags from 从etsy.com中提取标签

Etsy Tags Extractor
Etsy Tags Extractor

Easily save gifts from your favorite stores like Amazon, WalMart, and Ebay to your GoferGift wishlist! Currently in Beta. 从您最喜欢的商店如亚马逊、沃尔玛和易趣轻松地将礼物保存到您的GoferGift愿望列表中!目前处于测试阶段。



LGBT Pride 2019 Wallpaper & Gay Theme
LGBT Pride 2019 Wallpaper & Gay Theme

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Sonia Chan

Doesn’t work. Says my license is expired but I’ve paid until May.

Brenda Perez

I paid for a another year right before etsy changed the teams and then contacted the developer due to the fact it stopped working and nothing. i even tried forcing the extension ( recommended). I would like a refund!!!!!

Eva Tetsman

The extension stopped working, tried contacting the seller, no reply, no service. How can I get rid of it?

Melissa Bazley

This extension worked beautifully, and then in the last couple of months stopped working and the unfav/fav button disappeared from our pages and NO ONE responds to our cries for HELP…..I BELIEVE WE SHOULD ALL GO TO OUR CREDIT CARD COMPANIES AND REQUEST REFUNDS, I BET THEY WILL GET IT WORKING AGAIN THEN, AS THEY HAVE TAKEN OUT OUR $ (automatic renewal)

Karen Auchstaetter

My Fav/unfav no longer exists and there seems to be no help available. I have asked for help and no response. I really need this to participate on my etsy teams. Please check into this.

Karen Auchstaetter

not working and can’t access help. What is going on?!?!

Sultana Schwartz

Like others here, my Fav/unfav no longer works and there seems to be no help available.

Serene Wright

Mine quit working a few days ago, I’ve tried EVERYTHING to contact the developer and gotten NO response!! I’m Captain of a team of over 20,000 shops and I’m not the only one having issues. Do we have to contact our credit card companies and request a refund?? I just paid for another (3rd year) subscription in October and the app is DEAD!!!

Alex Overend

What do you mean? Why?

Антон Клевлин

Светлана. Вы смогли отменить авто платеж на следующий год?. Ответьте пожалуйста) У меня та же проблема.

Asta R.

Fa il suo lavoro, ma è scomodo dover cliccare su ogni pagina per dare i cuori..soprattutto alla luce del fatto che altre estensioni lo fanno e sono pure gratis!

ЦВЕТНО Пловдив

If you can not install Automator want your money Fav Unfav-back. Because the two work together. Если вы не можете установить Automator нужны ваши деньги Fav Unfav-обратно. Поскольку эти два работают вместе.

Светлана Грачева

Продавец отказывается возвращать деньги, снимаемые автоматически за продление подписки, мотивируя тем, что это невозможно после 30 минут по правилам Googl. Это неправда, правила говорят, что за возвратом после 30 минут нужно обращаться к продавцу. Продавец может это сделать, но не хочет. Недружественный сервис! The seller refused to return the money taken automatically for renew subscription, motivating that it is not possible after 30 minutes by the Google’s Cancellation policy. This is not true, the rules say that for a refund after the 30 minutes is necessary to contact the seller. The seller can do it, but do not want. Unfriendly service!

Lawrence Carter

This gadget operates at the speed of lightning, less than 15 seconds up and running from purchase. I’ll never need to spend another dime on marketing again, ever. Love it! 5 stars and beyond.

Joe Turon

Just a quick and easy way to do blitzes. 😉

shelly parker

Makes Blitz’s and heart a thons a breeze

Анастасия Гугель

Unfortunately program is loosing some hearts. I lost membership in two teams because of it:(

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