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Alto PDF to Excel Converter by PDFfiller 简介

Processing spreadsheets and extracting information from them is much better if you keep all your data in the proper format! So transform your data from PDF into Excel fast and easy!

With the custom Alto PDF to Excel Converter, every spreadsheet can easily be turned into .xls. It has numerous options that make the conversion process simple and secure.

The extension has the following features:

➤ Processes files fast. Your document gets uploaded and converted in less than a minute.
➤ It takes minimal memory, but it does the same as larger programs. By getting this lite extension you save on both memory space and money. It’s available anytime and anywhere, even when you’re on the go.
➤ No registration is required. We do not need your personal information so you can change the spreadsheet format anonymously.
➤ The conversion is free and there are no hidden payments or extra charges.
➤ Everyone has an unlimited amount of opportunities to transform files. Feel free to convert as many docs to spreadsheets as often as you need.
➤ Add a file from any preferable storage: your device’s memory or the cloud. PDF to Excel works with Google Drive.
➤ Work in an absolutely safe environment. Files are transformed on the secure cloud-based platform and removed after saving.

The final document version will look the same as the original. And you will be able to do much more with it! All formatting and font details will be saved.

PDFs are good for sharing information, but it can be difficult to edit them if they include a table. Compared to Excel, a portable document format can be inconvenient for storing large amounts of information.

Xls is quite popular and is supported by major spreadsheet editing software. It’s compatible with different computers. And you can easily edit it with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It’s better for making complicated calculations according to custom formulas and graphs. Additionally, it’s good for structuring information and can be connected to various data sources.

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I love this app

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Accurate and clear PDF to Excel converter I’ve used yet.

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One of the best PDF to Excel converter I’ve tried.


Converts documents very quickly, free of charge and quite accurately.

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Nice app with a fast free conversion.

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It’s easy to convert pdf to excel spreadsheet. Nicely done

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