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Video2Edit 简介 is a versatile online video editor with which you can edit all kinds of video files in a number of different ways. Convert different files into the most commonly used and supported video file formats. The following tools are contained in the video editing suite:

– Edit videos
– Cut & trim video clips
– Rotate videos
– Convert from MOV to MP4
– Create WEBM videos
– Edit the audio of a video file

There are various uses for a video editing tool such as:

– Extracting audio from a video
– Optimizing videos for social media & YouTube
– Make videos shorter or cutting parts of a video
– Rotating upside-down video clips

One of the major advantages of Video2Edit is its versatility. Turn any of your video files into an MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP, WEBM and more. Edit your video clips and films to upload them to YouTube, Facebook or other online platforms.

Furthermore, Video2Edit provides various advanced options to improve the quality of your videos, change the codecs, alter frame rate and bitrate, and so much more. Make changes to the audio track or disable it to mute a clip.

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nate moncrief

tell me if this makes sense, you have to be under the size to cut the size, kind of dumb

Julian Newlan

嗨,阿马尔,很抱歉听到你不满意我们的服务,因为大文件大小的限制。不幸的是,我们只能为注册用户提供高达100 MB或400 MB的视频转换和编辑。请原谅给您带来的不便。

Amal Adam

i do not like the fact that they trick you to add your email promising free services, then ask for payment