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Dragon Ball Super New Tab 简介

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Super new tab extension! enjoy a vast variety of the highest quality DBS, Dragon Ball, DBZ, Goku wallpapers in the world!

Dragon Ball Super follows the adventures of Goku and his friends after defeating Majin Buu and bringing peace to Earth once again. Goku encounters beings far more powerful and defends the Earth against a powerful destructive deity. He attains the power of a god and learns his newly discovered powers under the gods of his universe. Goku travels to other universes to face more powerful opponents as well as nearly unstoppable foes.

Except for epic themes, we also added to our Dragon Ball Super extension some awesome options and functionalities so you can fully enjoy it to the max.
You can also pick out your favorite pics of Dragon Ball Super and they will be your background for as long as you like. Plus, we are constantly updating our Dragon Ball Super HD pics so you can enjoy the best backgrounds ever! A location-accurate weather widget, TDL, clocks and notepad and more fun features.

Well, what’s left to say? hope you enjoy our Dragon Ball Super great extension!

If you have any questions about our Dragon Ball Super new tab extension or just want to give us some feedback, feel free to send us a message or write a review! We’d love to hear from you.

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