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Lamborghini Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab 简介

★ Features of “Lamborghini Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab” extension:

✔ Customized new tab page featuring Lamborghini wallpapers in HD quality. Choose your favorite wallpapers, and even use many FreeAddon new tab along with this one, not just Lamborghini super cars.
✔ Count Gmail unread emails. Quick access to most visited sites and Google Apps like Gmail or YouTube.
✔ Check out current date-time with a digital clock right on the Lamborghini themed newtab page.
✔ You can also add sticky notes, to-do tasks list, reminder and countdown to events.

★ FreeAddon’s “Lamborghini Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab” extension is completely free to use. Our extension DOES NOT have ads or virus.

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Lamborghini Wallpaper HD Custom New Tab 中文简介


✔ 定制新标签页的特点兰博基尼壁纸高清质量。选择你最喜欢的墙纸,甚至使用许多免费附加的新标签,连同这一个,不仅兰博基尼超级汽车。
✔ 数Gmail未读邮件。快速访问访问量最大的网站和谷歌应用程序,如Gmail或YouTube。
✔ 在兰博基尼主题的newtab页面上用数字时钟查看当前日期时间。
✔ 您还可以添加便笺、待办事项列表、提醒和事件倒计时。


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it is

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ontiegelijk wijs

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the backgrounds for the cars were cool

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very cool pics

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toby lane

It was amazing


The options and pictures are HD and beautiful.

Felix Du

its is GREAT

G Githii

The photography was just out of this world.

Ritvik Kapoor

Just amazing. Started to love Lamborghini after using the extension

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TheSwordsman21 GT

it has a countdown u can customize for any time. it has a slideshow. and it has cute snow flake and snow balls falling all together.

Brighton Edmonds

amzaing so cool

Esteban Martinez

it has amazing cars and they have a good angle of the car and it shows much details

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Yuvraj Shrimali

the best

The lord


Rocky rocky balbo

Awesome Mind Blowing

Catalina kavin

It shows a new lambo, every time i click on a new tab. It is amazing,it also shows the time and temp, and the date

abrar Bashar

I can`t look back at all i just love it lamborghinis

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It was good

suresh kumar

really nice

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like you me love lamborghini

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